how I met him

just read it..:)


2. raped by Justin Bieber

I entered in Justin's car and sat on the seat next to him and put my bag in the back seat...

''OMB Justin,I can't believe that I'm in your car and that I'm sitting next to you''

I said and he just smiled and started to drive...

''where are we going?''

I ask ''to my place''

he replied '' old are you, babe?''

he asked ''um..16..''I replied...


____________________________one hour after________________________________ ''here we go, we're here''

he said and woke me up, I went out the car, close the doors and went with Justin into his house. He took me to his room and I sat on the bed..

He went into the corner of his room and took drink from mini-bar he took two glasses and poured that drink into them...

''Um I don't wanna.'' I said

''um, okay.. I will bring you a juice''

he said and went into the corner again..

when he had drink the drink, he put his glass on the table next to the bed and sat closer to me...

'' Can you take me home, they will be worried about me, I should be home already'' I said but he just said something and started to breathe deeply...I was shaking.. he sat closer to me and started to kiss my neck

''Justin what are you doing?..''

I was asking trying to push him away

''oh c'mon i know you want me''

he said kissing my cheek

''yeah but I'm just 16 what's wrong with you?, I don't wanna lose my virginity now''

''you're just sooo sexy..''

he said and took off my shirt and started kissing my belly

''please stop i wanna go home''I said half crying

''oh don't cry babe''

he stops kissing my belly he looked at me then at my eyes and my lips and he kissed me.. ''Justin,please don't ,just give me my shirt, i really wanna go home''

and now I was really crying but he didn't stop he pulled my jeans of me and then he looked at me, get down off me and walked to the doors, grabbed himself for his head and started shouting and banging his head

'' Justin, what are you doing?? what are you doing you idiot? she just has 16, oh my God''


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