how I met him

just read it..:)


3. raped by Justin Bieber 2

I stopped to cry and went next to justin

''Justin, it's okay just take me home, this didn't happen''

''I need somebody, forgive me for this what I will do now''

he said and take me into his hands and throw me on his bed he took off my bra and panties and then he unbuckled his belt and took off his pants and shirt..

''please don't''

I was crying again and I couldn't scream he take Jerry in his hands, said

''I'm so sorry, I hope you will forgive me one day''

and pushed himself into me, I was crying and he was saying

'' I'm sorry'' everytime when he entered in me.. I saw the tears in his eyes.. Every time he went faster and faster... and he ended..

he lay down next to me while I was still crying patted me on the head and said he had a concert and want me to come with him

'' I hate you''

I said through tears

'' You go get into the shower''

he said I got out of bed and went to the bathroom, I got in the shower and let the cold water, I heard the door open and that someone was approaching, he just walked into the shower and when he realized that the water is cold he immediately switched cold to warm and hugged me tightly..

we looked each other into eyes as we warm water ran down our own body.

'' You're ready?'' He asked '' Yes, I still hate you, don't hug me, move away from me''

I yelled at him

'' Please don't, I don't like that''

he said, and looked me in the eyes, slowly approached me and kissed me.

I kissed him back, but when I realized what I was doing I pushed him away and told him to get out because I need to put my clothes He went out and when I got dressed I went downstairs while he was waiting in the car.... _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ hope you like it..:)

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