how I met him

just read it..:)


7. Lara's parents

the concert was great and It's time to pick the OLLG

I wanted to stand in the first row and look how Justin is performing.

Alison come next to me and said ''would you like to be the One Less Lonely Girl?''

''okay''I didn't think that Justin would pick me..he can look at me every day (I guess)

If I said NO Alison would be stubborn.....


we was waiting in the backstage and then the dancers come and took my hand and we entered on the stage...

I sat on the chair and Justin gave me the roses and big smile came across his face..

he stood behind me and hugged me..

when the song was over he told everybody to be quiet because he need to said something...

and everybody went quiet..

''So this girl...*took my hand and stood closer to the crowd* this girl is special because she's wonderful person and I want you to say that she's my girl''

everybody started to scream and I felt relief...

Justin and I went to the backstage and he kissed me and went to change because he need to sing one more song..

when concert was over Justin went to the shower and when he was over he asked me if I wanna go home now..

''so you wanna go home now or?''

''yes Justin <33 pleasee''

''okay hun''


__in car____

''I'm so scared what will my parent's said''

''ohh..don't worry babe It'll be alright''

____At Lara's parents house_________



I knocked on the door

''Just a minute'' my mom yelled


''ha....LARA.. oh hunny I was so worried about you, where were you,are you okay?, are you get hurt?''

''mum I wasn't home for 2 days It's all okay'' I said but she didn't believe me

''still I'm worried...come inside''me and Justin came inside and then she saw him

''um Lara, who is this?''mom asked 

''um..this is my boyfriend''I said worried what would she said

''really..I'm so glad'' she said and hugged him

We sat in the living room and my mom kept asking Justin about something

''how old are you boy?''mum asked Justin

''umm.I'm 19 ma'am''

''19!?!'' mum was suprised

''um yes''

''hun come here a little bit''mum asked and we went into the kitchen

''sorry Justin'' I said before I went

''what is it mum?''

''he's 19 Lara, what are you doing with him, are you having sex already''

''MUMM..NOO how can you ask that''I can't tell her that he raped me

''I'm your mum I'm worried..he look like he's 16''

''mum you like my boyfriend don't you?'' I said with a smile

''a little bit''she said and went in the living room

''Is everything alright''Justin asked

''yes''I said with a smile on my face

My dad came home from work and hurriedly entered the house
'' Why for heaven's sake reporters outside the house?'' almost screamed and then he saw me
'' Lara, where have you been?''
'' Everything's fine, Dad, I was with a friend that just two days was nothing more''
'' essential that you are well''
'' And who is this?'' he said
'''' her boyfriend'' mom said, and dragged him to the side
'' he's 19 years, but don't worry there are no problems'' said mom
'' okay'' they returned to us and dad again asked '' would someone answer my question? Why are journalists out there?''




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