how I met him

just read it..:)


10. kidnapped again

Justin and I come home from school and I got tired so I went to bed..

''hey..where are you goin'?''Justin asked madly

''um..I'm tired.. I'm  going to sleep''I said

''um okay.. bye''

I went to bed and felt asleep immediately..

I woke up and somebody was hugging me around my waist.. I couldn't move..

''um Justin..let me go''

''no hhh''

''Justin please ahha''

''I don't wanna... can't..''

''JUSTIN PLEASE.. YOU ARE REMINDING ME ON..R-'' '' don't say that please''

I heard something and I turned around and saw Justin is sniffing..

''oh Justin I'm sorry...:/ don't cry..please''

''I can't forgot that.. It's to hard and you are reminding me on that every day..''

''sorry, It'll be alright..''

''no it won't..''

''I need to go to school''

''I'll drowe you''

''no no I can go myself..I will walk''



I put on me black shirt and black jeans and went to school..

I was walking down the streat and I heard somebody is following me..

I turned around and saw a man who look like Justin..

I stoped walking and asked ''Justin..why are you following me..''

''um what? just stop talking..who's Justin anyway?''

''Justin what's going on?..what's wrong with you?''

''come here you bitch..''

he said and pulled me into some black van that I didn't saw..

''Justin thas isn't funny anymore..tell me what's going on?''

''I'm not fucking Justin and shut the fuck up or I'll hurt you and I don't wanna do that''



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