Life after war

Ron and Hermione get together after the war ............. are they gonna be safe? what if there are still dark people around wanting to take revenge on them for helping Harry defeat the dark lord?


21. Yet Again...............

-Ron's POV-

"That is extremely cheesy, love." I said, not understanding the joke that had Ginny rocking with laughter, "I was out for longer than I expected though, did something not work?" I asked looking at Harry's face.

"Everything worked perfectly," he said glaring at Ginny and Hermione "It's just your sister and fiancé have an odd sense of humour." He said dryly, I put two and two together realizing just why I had been so close to Harry. My mouth dropped open in shocked and I stared at the laughing Ginny and Hermione, it was so good to see her smiling again.

"Yeesh, guys. I'm hurt, I am completely innocent!" they raised they're eyebrows, "Of cheating, I wouldn't do that!" I said smiling now. Hermione stepped forward and squeezed my hand.

"I know, of course I do, I love you Ron !" she said, I pulled her into I tight hug, breathing in her sweet, strawberry scent.

"I love you too, 'Mione, never forget that." I picked her up slightly.

"Never, Ron, never," she promised. Her chocolate brown eyes sought out mine as they went glassy with tears, "I'll always be yours. Forever and always."


"I'm gonna be sick." Said George jokingly, fake gagging. I pulled back from Hermione to glare at him.

"If you don't like it, get out!" she said simply, she was half-heartedly glaring too, her voice slightly breathless.

"Easy Granger, I'm going!" With that he stood up and apparated, presumably to Angelina's. Git.

"I'm going to go get some more lacewing flies" said Hermione "Want to come?" I thought about it but I had some stuff to sort in the shop,

"Nah, I'll pass. Hurry back though, and be careful!" I said, an image of a cackling Bellatrix and a broken Hermione flashed uneasily through my mind.

"I'll be fine love!" it was true she hadn't been attacked in weeks, but that worried me slightly.

-Hermione's POV-

I was uneasy when I came out of the apothecary, there was a strange smell in the air. Fire. I looked down the alley towards the shop there was a thick black smoke rising in the air. 'it's alright' I told myself, 'another shop is on fire is all' but I knew deep down that that wasn't true. I apparated right outside the shop.

The door was kicked in and there was a lot of smoke coming out of the top floor window. The shops windows were all shattered and the products lay strewn about the store. I stepped gingerly through the door, my feet cracking the broken glass beneath them.

"Ron?" I called nervously, there was a dreadful fear in the pick of my stomach. I cast a fire protection charm on myself before going to the open door of the flat and attempting to put out the raging flames. He wasn't here, if he was he could be de-, no I couldn't think that. I put out the flames easily enough. Stumbling round the flat, calling Ron's name did no good he wasn't here. I apparated to the burrow, "Ron?" I called again desperately as I ran into the house.

"Hermione, what's going on, where-" said Mrs Weasley standing up as I came in.

"Mrs Weasley, have you seen Ron? The shop was attacked and I-"

"WHAT?" I gasped and sat down, he wasn't here when I realised that, that was when I broke down. I was sobbing into my arms.

"Sh-she's got h-him hasn't she? B-b-Bellatrix. I have to find him, M-Mrs Weasley, I c-can't lose him!" suddenly a dagger flew through the window and landed on the table, pinning a note in place. 'Come quietly and the blood traitor doesn't get hurt, Bella'I stared for a moment till I heard Mrs Weasley behind me.
"What does it say?" she said, but I scrunched it up before she could look, on the back were two words, 'Malfoy Manor.'
"I-Nothing, I have to go," I said standing up and before she could stop me I disapparated to the dark grounds of the once great manor house. Last time I had been here had been awful and this time wasn't promising to be much better. I stepped through the open door and heard it slam shut behind me.
"Let him go, Bellatrix!" I called clearly into the darkness.
"But I want to play, Mudblood." Came her jeering voice as her pale face appeared inches from mine.

"Hermione, no." came Ron's weak moan from behind her. "Just get out of here." He slumped to the floor. A last ray of light shone through the window as the sun went down, and the room began to darken further.
"Let him go, Bellatrix. Send him back to the burrow, just let him go, keep me." I begged, struggling to keep my voice defiant and forceful. She lit a fire and threw some powder into it.
"As you wish," she said giving him a rush shove and murmuring "the burrow, bu-bye, Gingy!" she said.

She turned suddenly and slapped me across the face knocking me to the floor. I cried out at the unexpected attack. She let out a cold, high cackle. I glared at her, I would finish her this time, I could do this. I would stay strong for Ron.


Ron's POV

I landed coughing and spluttering with a splitting headache in the fireplace of my old home. Looking up I saw mum look into my face anxiously

"Ron! What happened? Are you Okay? Did Hermione find you? Where is she?" her loud voice laced with worry.

"Bellatrix." My voice hissed through gritted teeth. "she got me earlier, used me to lure her to Malfoy Manor."

"WHAT! NO! COME WITH ME RON WEASLEY!" she grabbed my arm and apparated us to the doorstep of Grimmauld place.

"Ron, back so soon." Said Harry grinning till he saw the look on my face. "Wait, where's Hermione? Tell me she's not de-"

"No!" I cried out, I couldn't hear that lest it be true "Bellatrix has got her," I explained the whole story to him and by the end he too was shaking with anger, Ginny had also come out to hear the story and she was fuming.

"Come on," said Harry grabbing my arm, a look of determination on both our faces as we apparated back to the dismal, darkening grounds of the Manor. A long drawn out scream rang from inside the house. I fell to my knees. She was in pain, but not dead. 

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