Life after war

Ron and Hermione get together after the war ............. are they gonna be safe? what if there are still dark people around wanting to take revenge on them for helping Harry defeat the dark lord?


22. We are getting.............Married!!

I made to bolt to the house but Harry grabbed my arm, I struggled to get loose of his grip. "That's Hermione in there!" I hissed, did he not want to save her?

"I know but if we just rush straight in she'll kill her on sight!" I stopped struggling, he was right I couldn't cause her death. I'd done enough already. Another scream echoed through the grounds and tears blurred my vision. Harry disillusioned us and we crept towards the house.

"Did you think you would win, Mudblood? The dark lord will rise again!" came Bellatrix's mad voice from the drawing room. That was impossible, everyone knew it but she was so deranged that she didn't care.

"No he won't." gasped Hermione, her voice was weak and full of pain.

"YOU LIAR! CRUCIO!" Bellatrix cackled as Hermione started to scream again.

My breathing and heartbeat quickened as did Harry's beside me, the door was ajar slightly, just enough for me to slip through. I started slowly towards it trying to block out the screams of my fiancé. I got in and sensed Harry behind me. Hermione was writhing in pain on the floor still screaming I felt Harry put a hand on my shoulder "LIKE HELL!" I bellowed re- illusioning myself and starting to duel Bellatrix. Hermione stopped screaming but she was still on the floor, shaking violently.

"Ron, Check on Hermione." Yelled harry as he too started to duel Bellatrix who was snarling at him. He was a trained Auror now so I let him deal with it.

She was losing consciousness, her eyelids fluttered as I pulled her to my chest,

"Ron, I'm so sorry." She whispered and then her head drooped backwards.

"No!" I cried, grabbing her wrist and checking for a pulse. It was weak but it was there.

"Harry come on! Leave her, we'll get her later." I yelled over my shoulder.

"Bombarda!" he yelled, the ceiling started to fall in making a curtain of debris between us and the mental bitch. He moved towards us and grabbed my arm, as soon as I felt him I twisted , apparating us to St Mungo's yet again.

"Help!" I cried out as I landed in the lobby "She's been Crucioed," I told the healer "She lost consciousness just now and she won't stop shaking," my voice broke and tears started to fall down my cheeks.

"We'll take her through to be examined, fill out these forms, the waiting room is down the hall to your left" he said, picking up Hermione and carrying her away, leaving me with a small pile of papers.


I hated the long minutes. It was an hour before I could see her, the waiting room was virtually empty. Harry had gone to tell Kingsley of what had happened. I was a wreck, then, Ginny turned up.

"Ron, is 'Mione gonna be okay?" she said putting an arm round my shoulder as she sat down

"I don't know, they won't let me see her yet." I broke down completely in her shoulder.

"Umm, Mr Weasley?" said a healer.

I stood up quickly, she motioned me forwards.

"Your fiancé is resting but you can go see her now if you want." I nodded my head vigorously but said,

"Is it alright if my sister comes too, I can't do this alone." She looked reluctant for a moment but gave a small nod. We went through the door to a once again small, bedridden, Hermione.

Her crazy curls were splayed out on the pillow she had bruises on her pale arms, a cut lip, a bruise on her cheek and a black eye. I pushed a lock of hair behind her ear and planted a soft kiss on her forehead, she stirred slightly at the touch, "Ron," she murmured opening her eyes "I'm so sorry Ron but she was going to kill yo-" I put a finger gently to her lips.

"Love, don't be sorry. This was my fault," she started to shake her head "It was, I should have put more protection around the shop or something. But you never should have come to get me. I don't care what she said, never put yourself in danger over me again, never!"

"I couldn't leave you there Ron, not knowing what she'd do. Would you have done any less?" the honest answer was that I would have done exactly what she had but I would never admit that. "I'll be home tomorrow Ron, I'm fine really." She said trying to reassure me.

"I think I'll give you two a minute," said Ginny from by the door, I nodded at her before the door shut.

"Hermione," I said. I'd just had an idea, a brilliant crazy wonderful idea. "I can't let you leave my side again. Marry me tomorrow!"

"What?" she exclaimed, her eyes lighting up and widening,

"You get out early tomorrow, let's do it as soon as possible, nearly everything's ready, why wait?" it seemed brilliant.

"Oh, Ron of course! Why wait!"

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