Life after war

Ron and Hermione get together after the war ............. are they gonna be safe? what if there are still dark people around wanting to take revenge on them for helping Harry defeat the dark lord?


23. The Day Of Our Life...........


-Hermione's POV-

I was stiff and sore the next day when we arrived at the burrow. Ron had one arm around me and was holding my hand with his other. I stumbled on a dip in the ground and hissed in pain, "Hermione?" said Ron's voice "What hurts?"

"Nothing." I gasped "Come on, if you want to marry me today we had better hurry up, it's already nine o'clock."

A beaming and expectant Mrs Weasley opened the door and pulled me into a gentle hug, "Don't you ever scare me like that again, Hermione!" she scolded. Looking over her shoulder I saw everyone already in the kitchen,

"Umm, Mrs Weasley, why's everyone in the kitchen?" She pulled back and grinned at me.

"Ron called earlier and said you had some news," she pulled me in and sat me down.

"So what is it then?" asked Ginny.

"You're not pregnant are you?" said Harry sort of joking.I nodded a NO.

"No, it's just, Ron and I moved the wedding date,"

"oo, wen eez it?" said Fleur

"5 oclock this afternoon." Said Ron grabbing my hand as we stood up.

Then Harry started to clap.

Ron grinned appreciatively at him, "we were thinking of holding it in the orchard. We already have everything we need a cake, a dress, the rings. Percy we'd like you to officiate."

"Of course." He said pompously, grinning slightly, now it was my turn,

"Angelina, Ginny, Fleur, Luna, I need you to help me and each other with hair, makeup, clothes............. , Mrs Weasley if it's not too much trouble could you make a nice dinner for all of us." "Sure", replied Mrs Weasley and began to bustle about the kitchen, tears of joy sparkling in her eyes.

We got dressed in Ginny's room, fortunately I'd been keeping my dress there anyway, thank merlin that we'd wanted to get here, at Ron's home and my second home. The Burrow, our little sanctuary of love, hope and everlasting joy.


The hours had passed unbelievably quickly and I was about to walk up the aisle and marry Ron Weasley, the totally awesome love of my life. He made me feel so right, so complete, "Ready 'Mione?" said Harry's voice my best friend said as he stepped in, preparing to give me away. Ginny went, as my maid of honour, just before us. The company was small, just the Weasleys and the Longbottoms,Lupin,Teddy, Andromeda, Kingsley, McGonagall and Slughorn (Neville had married Luna a mere week after the battle), I met Ron at the top of the aisle with a blush in my cheeks and tears in my eyes, smiling as he took my hand.

"Who gives Hermione Jean Granger away?" said Percy, pompous and official,

"I do." Said Harry, he patted my arm and stepped back toward Ginny.I felt a bit disappionted that we couldn't call my parents, Ron seemed to have sensed what I was thinking and squeezed my hands. Percy turned to us,

"If you would kneel. The bonds you are about to make are magical and eternal, you are promising to love, cherish, uphold and support one another for the rest of your life. Your very souls shall be bound," he laid a white ribbon in our hands and told us to wind them towards each other till our palms were touching. "Ron, you first; Do you Ronald Bilius Weasley take Hermione Jean Granger to be your lawfully magically bound wife in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, till death do you part?"

"I do, forever and always." Murmured Ron holding my gaze with his sapphire eyes.

"And do you Hermione Jean Granger take Ronald Bilius Weasley to be your lawfully magically bound husband in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, till death do you part?"

"Yes, yes I do." I said, crying openly.

"If you will now say your vows,"

"Hermione, I love and I trust you, I promise to do this forever and ever, I love how your constantly reading, I love how you're so selfless, I love your chocolate eyes and your soft warm smile, I love your generosity and possibly most of all, I love your cooking."

I laughed at that remembering my cooking when we were on the hunt for the hocruxes. My go.

"Ron, I love and I trust you, I promise to do this forever and ever, I love how you love your family are so selfless, I love how you have a sense of what is just and right, I love that when I come home at night you'll always be there waiting for me, and I love the fact that no matter what you'll make me laugh and be there for me."

"Thank you," sniffed Percy "who has the rings?" Ginny stepped forward and handed them to him "These represent the never-ending circle of love you share, place it on your partners finger and say these words : 'With this be mine to cherish and love.'"

We did so, both crying as we put the rings on each other's fingers.'Swish and Flick' was engraved on my ring which made me smile. "You may now kiss your bride!" said Percy to Ron. As we embraced fireworks went off all around and the ribbons still joining our hands grew gold and bathed us in light before disappearing. "May I present, Mr and Mrs Ron Weasley!" He scooped me up and carried me down the aisle I threw my head back and laughed. This was so much better than anything I'd ever felt. I was free of trouble and strife, I couldn't care less about Bellatrix Lestrange and I was married to Ron Weasley!


"And now, if the lovely couple will take their first dance?" said George from the stage. Ron stood up and pulled me to the dance floor, I hated people watching me but thankfully my dancing skills were passable. Our chosen song, 'Wherever you will go' magically amplified from the stage, as Ron started to twirl me round the dance floor.

"Why, Mrs Weasley, you are a lovely dancer." He said, he'd called me Mrs Weasley, I liked the sound of that. I laughed at his formality, he would always make me laugh.

"You too, Mr Weasley. I must say today was rather stupendous!" I said, with a poor imitation at the pompous voice he had mastered.

Other couples slowly appeared on the dance floor, love seemed to radiate from the people all around. Even pregnant, hormonal Fleur was happy.

The warm evening drifted into the dark night. And as we all wandered slowly back inside Ron caught me by the arm.

"Ah ah ah! Where do you think you're going Mrs Weasley? I believe it's custom for us to go on a short holiday, I do believe you would call it, a honeymoon." He pulled a broom out from behind his back, I looked at it uneasily, as I think I've said, I hate flying. "It's okay 'Mione, I won't let you fall." I nodded my head and climbed on in front of him. We kicked off as cheers erupted from the burrow and I would've sworn George whistled. My white dress billowed out behind us as we flew out into the night.

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