Life after war

Ron and Hermione get together after the war ............. are they gonna be safe? what if there are still dark people around wanting to take revenge on them for helping Harry defeat the dark lord?


20. Oh my God!!

I opened the door to the shop to see my Ron, my fiancé, snogging that slut Lavender. She had her hands around his neck and they were on the couch with her on his lap. "YOU COMPLETE ARSE RONALD WEASLEY!" I shouted and they pulled apart but Ron didn't take his hungry eyes off of Lavender "IF YOU THINK YOU'RE MARRYING ME IN THREE WEEKS, YOU GIT, WELL FORGET IT! WE'RE THROUGH I LOVE YOU RONALD WEASLEY BUT CLEARLY THAT'S NOT ENOUGH!" he shook his head slightly at the word love and turned to me. "Hermione?" he asked, and I turned away tears pouring down my face.

-Ron's POV-

"Hermione!" I said again I looked up to see a disgruntled, snogged looking Lavender on top of me. I was going to kill the git who thought of amortentia. I gave Lavender a rough shove off my lap and ran out the room after Hermione. I caught her by the arm as she reached the door and she span round and slapped me. Granted, I deserved that one but why did it have to be such a hard slap? I let go of her arm and she stared at me defiantly.

"Are you happy now Ron?" she said, how could I be happy, she looked so upset and it was all my fault.

"H-happy? No, Hermione let me explain-" I stammered

"No, Ron for once let me." And she slammed the door in my face. What had I just done? I had to get to her, for Godric's sake! Then I saw Harry coming towards the shop looking very angry. I was torn between a desire to laugh and hex him. He was admittedly only doing what I would do for Ginny so I opened the door to let him in.

"WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO RON?" I stepped back with my hands raised as he pulled his wand out and pointed it at my chest. "SHE LOVED YOU RON! OR DOES THAT MEAN NOTHING?" He raised his wand to my face "If I wasn't marrying your sister and you weren't my very best friend I would." And he slowly lowered his wand

"Harry," I said my voice shaking, "It wasn't what it looked like, it's Lavender, she slipped me some Amortentia!" I said, I was going to fire Lavender( she said she was in hard times and was desperately in ne; she'd possibly just lost me my wife.

"What? Why would she do that?" said Harry, he looked as though he wasn't quite sure whether to believe me or not.

"I have no idea! If you think I had would I have let her make the drinks?" I said, flustered "Look, Harry, I really don't have time for this I have to find Hermione." I barged past him. He caught my arm as I went. "what no-"

"A word to the wise, or in your case the slightly foolish, she's in a very bad mood so be careful what you say." I looked at him in wonder "She's at Grimmauld Place." He explained. I nodded and disapparated.

I went through the front door and heard voices in the kitchen"-just a giant arse, Hermione" thanks Gin! I thought.

"He had his hands all over her, Ginny. He was my fiancé!"

"Was?" I said stepping forward. Ginny stood up and glared at me her eyes fierce.

"Ron!" they both yelled, Their voices full of anger and hurt. Hermione's eyes were red and puffy but they were glaring at me.

"Ginny, get him out of here." She said, her voice thick. Ginny moved threateningly toward me. Once again I raised my hands in surrender.

"No way," I said, "Just let me explain."

"What's to explain, Ron? You cheated on her!" said Ginny

"No, I honestly didn't! I was slipped Amortentia!"

"Oh yeah, of course you were. That's why you snapped out of it when I caught you?" said Hermione, raising her voice in anger.

"It was a new product idea, we have a range of love potions but this was modified Amortentia. We charmed it so if the girl who actually loved you, and you loved back, told you so then you snap out of it." I explained, after Fred had been slipped love potion by Katie Bell in 6th year we thought we'd add that charm to prevent the rocky patch that that had been caused between Fred and Angelina.

"Why should I believe that?" said Hermione,

"Fine, I'll prove it." I said.


I apparated her and Ginny back to the burrow.Harry was still here.

"OI, GEORGE! GET DOWN HERE!" I yelled up to the flat

"What?" he said open the front door of the flat "Oh my god, Hermione what's up?"

"There is a possibility that your brother cheated on me," she said icily, he looked between us in disbelief then he said,

"Did Lavender drug you?" he asked

"Yes," I said, at least he believed me. Hermione looked between us shocked at the look of understanding on George's face.

"She did it to me a few weeks after we opened up." Wow, we had hired a right cow

"Mind if I fire her?" I asked

"Not at all, Ronnikins. So why does she think you cheated?" he said looking at Hermione

"Because he snapped right out of it when I caught him!"

I shook my head,"No, love" ,she winced, "I snapped out of it when you said 'I love you'" I explained "Anyway we need your help proving this, I need you to give me some of the modified Amortentia."

"WHAT?" They all yelled looking at me like I was mental.

"You all know I'd never actually attempt anything with Harry so as soon as I start to try I need you, Hermione, to say I love you." She nodded her head uncertainly as I grabbed a potion from the stall handing it to Harry who had come downstairs. We all nodded our heads unsurely as Harry gave me the open potion and I knocked it back.

"Ron," he said unsurely, then I went blank.

-Harry's POV-

I looked at my best friend who was now sauntering towards me with a flirtatious smile.

"Alright there, Harry? Have I ever told you how gorgeous your eyes are?" I took a step back.

"Umm," I looked at Hermione "Now please!"

"Have you ever heard of a thing called payback?" she said with a wicked grin at me, the revenge itself was brilliant but why on earth was she annoyed with me? "Your best friend may be innocent but I still want to get him back." She explained.

"Are you a bank robber, Harry?" I looked at him bewildered, "'Cause you've stolen my heart!" oh Godric, that had to be the worst chat-up line ever! Hermione and Ginny were doubled over in laughter at the dreamy, drooling Ron and the look of sheer horror on my face. I'd been slowly moving backward and now I'd hit the counter. Ron slammed his hands down either side of me and moved in for the kiss.

"Ron," said Hermione's giggly voice, he turned slightly "I love you." He shook his head slightly again, looked at my face and our, um, position and stepped back hastily.

"Did it work? Will you still marry me?" he said turning to the grinning Hermione

"Yes, you big idiot, you've stolen my heart!"



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