Life after war

Ron and Hermione get together after the war ............. are they gonna be safe? what if there are still dark people around wanting to take revenge on them for helping Harry defeat the dark lord?


26. For Once and For All.............

Hermione's POV

He stood up and walked towards me, an apprehensive look on his features.

"Now?" he asked,

" 'Fraid so, Come on," he took my proffered arm and I apparated us to my parent's house.

The cold night air surrounded the little house. Determined, I marched up to the door and knocked three times. Mum opened the door, a slightly blank look in her eyes that I couldn't quite place. "Hermione! So good to see you! Do come in." This was better than I expected, we stepped forwards but she held a hand up to Ron. "Nope! You can go home, not one step closer!" she grabbed my arm, pulling me inside before promptly slamming the door in Ron's face. I began to protest but she just pulled me on through to the lounge.

"Ah, Hermione, nice of you to stop by," said my dad; his voice was cold and his eyes blank. I took a small step back, sensing something was wrong. Then I was grabbed from behind and everything went black.

-Ron's viewpoint-

The door abruptly slammed in my face, and I glimpsed an apologetic and anxious Hermione as it swung shut. "Alohomora," I murmured, pointing my wand at the door. It didn't open. Wait, this was a muggle house and alohomora wasn't working? Something was definitely wrong. "Hermione?" I called, I didn't hear a reply. Seriously panicking now, it was time to get back up.

"Ron, how did the-Wait, Where's Hermione?" said Harry, I shook my head.

"She's at her parent's house; I think they might be under a wizards influence. Her mother, looked all funny and she pulled Hermione in and slammed the door in my face. The door has been charmed against alohomora, Harry what if it's her?" I said, hating the note of worry in my voice. She was my wife; I should be able to protect her.

"Ron,George,Percy, Come on." He said Ginny rushed forward too but Harry put a hand up to stop her, "No, love, stay here. I'll come back, we all will." She looked furious but nodded her head at the look on Harry's face. "Come on," he said again.

We apparated back to Hermione's house to find the door swinging wide open on its hinges. The light, autumn breeze, pushing it backwards and forwards. "Hermione?" I yelled running forwards and into the house, followed closely by the rest of the guys. Her parents lay unconscious in the middle of the living room. Harry and George darted forwards, checking for a pulse while Percy and I darted upstairs. A quick but thorough search of the bedrooms showed that there was no Hermione here. "HARRY! SHE'S NOT HERE!" I yelled bolting back downstairs.

"They're alive." he nodded to Percy who grabbed Hermione's parents' hands and immediately apparated them to St Mungo's.

"Harry," I said again "She's not here. They've taken her." I was shaking with anger as I grabbed his and George's arms and apparated us, once again, to Malfoy Manor.

"You know," said Harry wryly, "I'm really starting to dislike this place." If we weren't in this situation and my pregnant wife wasn't undoubtedly being tortured inside, I might have laughed. As it was, I didn't. I made to rush forward but George and Harry both grabbed me, "Remember what I said last time, if we just barge in they'll kill her on sight." I swallowed thickly and nodded my head.

We started quietly towards the house and I had an overwhelming sense of déjà vu but it was quieter than last time. A dead silence filled the air, I hated it. Harry squeezed my hand, sensing my obvious worry. We made our way into the gloomy mansion and it was filled with the same, eerie silence as the grounds.

"Harry," I murmured "Why's it so quiet? Do you think she's de-" I couldn't even finish the question, I refused to believe she was dead.

"Don't worry, Ron." Said George, "We'll find her alive." I heard a faint sob from the next room, I jerked my thumb towards it. Harry nodded and we all three stepped forward.

"-Can't believe you went and got pregnant. And with a pure-blood no less," said Bellatrix's evil voice. There was also a deeper, male voice that chuckled at these words. I panicked at the sound of it, only Harry's hand squeezing mine tightly kept me sane. How did they know she was pregnant?

"You don't deserve to live, mudblood filth. Neither does that half-blood brat you're carrying." Said the man's voice. That was it, they'd insulted my wife and unborn child. Not Harry or George could stop me this time.

I burst into the room and started firing spells at the repulsive Death Eaters, I recognised the man as Xavier. So that's why her parents had been so insistent for Hermione to marry him. They were imperiused and then he would have kidnapped her for Bellatrix and they would no doubt have killed her slowly and painfully.

"ENOUGH!" Screeched Bellatrix as Harry and George joined the fight and started duelling Xavier with me. Bellatrix had slipped across to where Hermione had been chained to a pillar, pulled her up and had a silver knife against her pale throat. "Stop the fight or muddy here gets it." I huffed and lowered my wand. "Good, good. Now leave, muddy stays where she is, she dies tonight. She's had this coming for a while, but you're all free to go." She grinned evilly, she knew that this was torture, that I'd never leave Hermione and neither would George and Harry. Hermione was staring at me, pleading with her eyes for me to go. I shook my head at her, trying to convey with my eyes how much I loved her.

"I'm not going anywhere." I said defiantly, "This ends tonight Bellatrix. Let. Her. Go." She merely cackled but pulled back from Hermione, who slid down to the floor again. I flicked my wand slightly and Hermione's handcuff's fell away, surely that was too easy. Bellatrix grinned at me before pointing her wand at Hermione.

"Crucio!" she cackled and Hermione screamed in pain and fell to the floor,

"Not my wife you bitch!" I yelled, racing forwards.

"Not so fast," Bellatrix said, flicking her wand. Hermione gasped for air, still writhing in agony. Before she could do anything else I started to duel. Harry and George were overpowering Xavier and he slumped to the floor, unconcious.

"Just you and me, Lestrange." Harry and George rushed to my aid but I shook my head. "Take him to Azkaban, let them deal with him." I said, before turning back to my duel as I heard them disappear with a faint 'pop'. Bellatrix was beginning to falter. I had love on my side, I would win.

-Hermione's Viewpoint-

I could see from my slumped position in the corner the bright lights flying about the room. A dull pain remained from my once again bloody right arm. The words freshly etched into my skin again. I stood up slowly, unsure on my feet, and dragged myself towards Ron and Bellatrix who were duelling in the middle of the room.

Bellatrix was stumbling and faltering in her spells becoming sloppy. She was going to lose, my brave, wonderful, handsome Ron was going to win. "Stupefy!" he cried and she flew back, slamming into the wall with enough force to kill her. That's when I realised, it would.

"You'll never hurt our family again, bitch!" said Ron marching towards her, triumphant. He knelt down and looked her in the eyes. "Do you get it now, we won!" he said.He left her like that and came to me. But I saw that she was going to hex Ron.So I cast a Shield Charm.

I whispered"Protego". But Ron had heard it and turned around.He took off  the charm and they started to fight again.

Bellatrix cast the Killing Curse-She screamed"Avada Kedavra" but with a difference of a fraction of second before it ,Ron had cast"Expelliarmus".So her wand flew to his hand and her own curse hit her and she died for once and for all.There was an expression of triumph on his face but the next second it vanished when he looked at me.

"You did it!" I exclaimed rushing to Ron.

He immediately disapparated me to St.Mungo's and I blacked out.

Ron's POV

This was the 3rd time this was happening.But this gave me the worst feeling.Harry was now there next to me and I was sobbing.I was also scared whether our baby survived.It was 3 hours.By now all my family was here.They were all happy that Bellatrix had died but also worried about Hermione.

Then the healer came and asked me to see her.Harry came with me.

Hermione was there conscious and she whispered into my ear that our baby was still alive.I was happy.Then the healer came and told me that she could already leave if she wanted.

And we disapparated home.And lived happily without anymore fear. Hermione's parents were back to normal and completely approved of everything.


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