Life after war

Ron and Hermione get together after the war ............. are they gonna be safe? what if there are still dark people around wanting to take revenge on them for helping Harry defeat the dark lord?


8. Chapter 8

-Ron's POV-

I couldn't keep this duel up for long. "IMPEDIMENTA!" I bellowed and she slowed up so I grabbed Hermione and disapparated. St. Mungo's reception was shimmering white and bustling with people.

"Help!" I yelled "Somebody help me!" a healer rushed forwards with a stretcher.

"Take her to spell damage, fourth floor." The levitating stretcher now carrying the unconscious Hermione followed me to the lift and upstairs. Some more healers greeted us and took Hermione away to examine her. I apparated away to the burrow.

"Ron!" exclaimed mum, "Ron, what's happened? Why are you covered in blood?" I looked down at my magenta robes which were now stained scarlet.

"Where's Hermione?" came Ginny's voice from the foot of the stairs.

"St-St. Mungo's." I stuttered "She was attacked by Bellatrix Lestrange."


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