Life after war

Ron and Hermione get together after the war ............. are they gonna be safe? what if there are still dark people around wanting to take revenge on them for helping Harry defeat the dark lord?


3. Chapter 3

Ron and I were wandering aimlessly through the orchard behind the burrow. The leaves and the trees were turning golden and I sighed and leaned into Ron's shoulder. We were now sitting near the river close to the Burrow. We were talking and remembering our time in Hogwarts and how we fought with each other, and how we are together now. Just when Ron was about to kiss me, all of a sudden George popped in front of us and said , " Mom called both of you home right away!Dinner is ready." Then Ron said," We'll be there." angrily. Then we apparated to the burrow together.  "Hermione, dear?" said a gentle, warm voice, "There you are, Come over, Harry and Ginny have come over tonight ."

There was soup ready for us on the table. I was sitting in the middle of Ron and Ginny.Ron and Harry were talking about Ministry work and Quidditch, though I noticed him looking at me from the corner of his eyes and smiling. I was glad to see Harry and Ginny. They stay at Grimmauld Place now.We finished Dinner with some ice-cream.Then Ginny told that she and Harry were staying here for the rest of the night. So, me and Ginny had to share Ginny's old room and Harry was going to sleep with Ron in his room.


I didn't know why, I didn't feel sleepy at all. Harry's mother's ring glinted on Ginny's finger in the moonlight. She looked so peaceful. Restless and uneasy I had an overwhelming feeling something awful was going to happen. I tossed and turned telling myself it was nothing, just my imagination, I couldn't tell the future. Just your imagination, I chanted as I put my head on the pillow.

I'd seldom, if ever, been so wrong.


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