Just That Girl Called Ginny

Ginny's first year is a mix of complete chaos, and it's definitely NOT something an eleven year old girl would want to put up with! Hogwarts is an incredible place, fun, magical, and definitely safe! Well . . . That is until Ginny's first year. The Chamber Of Secrets has been opened again, and no student is safe, especially not Ginny, who is an inexperienced young girl, thrust into a dangerous and deadly adventure, with only one way out. Not only does she have to battle with the darkest wizard of all time, she also has to fight with a broken heart, because the boy she loves could not possibly love her . . . Will Ginny survive? Or will she disappear like those thrust into the chamber before her?

Cover by: MissQuirky


3. Ron's Fluffy Pink Makeover

Yep, Ron was going to get one too! I rushed back up into the attic, which was split in half, one part attic, one part Ron's room, only to find the family ghoul stuck inside an old chest, (good for him!) so I could actually search in peace! I went all the way back to the place where Mum and Dad stored all our baby stuff, including the faded pink paint I had begged them for when I was four, and then decided I didn't want it that color any more the next day. I took it, hoping it would be enough, but it was quite a big tub, so I really didn't have anything to worry about. I was in quite a hurry, because I only had a few hours until Mum came back, and I knew that I was going to be in big trouble if she found out!

Realizing my newly painted walls stank of . . . Well, paint, I opened all the windows in the house, including my window, from which I had a clear view of the family orchard, which was where Mum and Dad usually apparated to.

I put the pink paint on the floor in my room and started pulling out the bedside table in Ron's room. I was very glad Mum had tidied it for him the day before, along with all the other rooms in the house, ready for his arrival in a week's time, because that saved me a few hours that could be used for painting or decorating! After the bedside table was in the hallway, I pulled out the rest of his furniture. It was much easier than pulling out the things in my room, because the had much less! I mean, boys really do not care about making their rooms nicer! After that was done, I grabbed some of the washed paint brushes from my room and got to work.

Soon after, (I was in a hurry!) Ron's walls were a faded bright pink, and I had to leave them to dry again. Of course, there were no more chores left to do, so I used my old trick with the "fake key" made from a paperclip and broke into the stinky broom shed. I then grabbed the best broom we had. (Which happened to be Fred's, it worked the best!)

I climbed on and flew through the air and into the woods around my house, chasing squirrels and magpies, or little robins, they were pretty fast too! When I got bored, I flew around the house a few times and landed in an old apple tree growing in our orchard, where I kept an eye out for my apparating parents, even though I still had an hour until the time when they would normally come back. I was just worried, like I always was when I knew I was doing something I shouldn't have been doing! I guess, I was just naive. Too goody goody.

By that time, the paint was dry (having the windows open really helped) and I rapidly pushed all his furniture back to where it was before. Rushing back into the attic next door, I pulled out a box labelled "Ginevra Weasley's Soft Toys." It was something my great aunt had given me for my fifth birthday, but by that time I was way past the stage of pink . . . So yeah, Mum hid all the pink fluffy bunnies, kittens, dogs, duvets and pillows in the attic, so that I wouldn't start being grumpy at my aunt, and then told me about them, like, three years later, when she and Dad were looking at my baby photos and laughing at me. It was so embarrassing . . .

I grabbed the box, which was very big and pretty heavy, and ran next door and into Ron's room, where I got to work. I spilled it's contents onto the floor and shoved all of Ron's quidditch posters and possessions inside instead, including his duvet and sheets! I then put on the pink, princess duvet and covered his old white pillows with ones that were different shades of pink, and even a unicorn shaped plush toy! Laughing hard, I replaced the framed photo on his bedside table with a fluffy, pink alarm clock and put up some posters of my old favorite wizard nursery band, "The Fluffy Unicorns", lastly putting the flower shaped rug I found under my bed on his floor. As he only had a light bulb for a light, no lamp shade, I stood on his chair and put on the fluffy pink one that had been a hand-me-down from Mum's old friend's daughter, and I was finished.

I stood in the doorway, admired my work and burst out laughing, turning completely red and rolling about on the floor, having a serious hyena moment! It was HILARIOUS! I put the box with his contents under his bed, along with a pot of cream paint the color that his walls were before, just so that he could change it back, I mean, it was only a prank, I didn't want his room to be pink forever! That would be mega mean!

The rooms still smelled of paint, so I went down and raided Mum's perfume cabinet, knowing I only had a few minutes left! I sprayed Ron's room with the one's that smelled of bubblegum and candyfloss, and mine with the one's that smelled of apples and cinnamon! Of course, I made sure to put a LOT more perfume on Ron's walls and furniture, just to add that extra girly touch.

I carefully placed the bottles back in their exact positions and crept back upstairs, getting rid of any extra debris, and closing Ron's door with a bang! I knew Mum wouldn't look in until at least a week after Ron had come back, just to check if he was cleaning it regularly, so I was pretty safe, for now. So, going back into my new room, I smirked to myself, thinking, "Who's the one smirking now, ehh, Ron? Looks like you're not the only one that likes playing pranks!"

I sat down on my bed, grabbed Quidditch Through The Ages, propped myself up against the pillows, and started reading, still silently laughing to myself at times, thinking about Ron's expression, and what would happen next.

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