Just That Girl Called Ginny

Ginny's first year is a mix of complete chaos, and it's definitely NOT something an eleven year old girl would want to put up with! Hogwarts is an incredible place, fun, magical, and definitely safe! Well . . . That is until Ginny's first year. The Chamber Of Secrets has been opened again, and no student is safe, especially not Ginny, who is an inexperienced young girl, thrust into a dangerous and deadly adventure, with only one way out. Not only does she have to battle with the darkest wizard of all time, she also has to fight with a broken heart, because the boy she loves could not possibly love her . . . Will Ginny survive? Or will she disappear like those thrust into the chamber before her?

Cover by: MissQuirky


4. Hogwarts At Last!

I couldn't believe it. I was finally going to go to Hogwarts! I couldn't wait! Mum said she would take me and the others to Diagon Alley to get our stuff tomorrow. I asked Ron what Hogwarts was like and he said it was amazing! (This was after he stopped being so angry at me for the pink room! His expression was totally and utterly HILARIOUS!) He and Harry actually became best friends! Along with another girl called Hermione Granger. It sounded awesome.

We got ready for bed after they came home and were all told to go to sleep by Mum, (Ron was forced to sleep in a pink room) but Fred and George were eavesdropping on her and Dad again. They let me join in, because I was their favorite sibling, which they decided after my little prank on Ron, though they always had a soft spot for me anyway. Ha ha, Ron. Mum was saying to Dad that she was worried that Harry hadn't answered all their letters. They sent millions. Even Ron was worried, and he's a boy. Boys never get worried. I guess I was a little worried too. Very worried, in fact.

The next day, I was woken by Mum's screams. I wondered what the twins had done this time and after ten minutes, I decided to go down in my nightie, with a dressing gown on top because I knew nobody would be bothered. I mean, it wasn't like there was going to be Harry Potter at the table, right?

I jumped down the stairs and stepped into the kitchen. My eyes widened with horror. Oh my broomsticks, it was Harry Potter! HARRY POTTER! AT THE TABLE! He stared at me and I felt my face going beetroot! I had to run! I felt so embarrassed! I bolted up the stairs and slammed my door shut. I quickly got changed and and slowly went back down the stairs again, hoping that nobody would notice me. Unfortunately, Mum pulled me into the kitchen to hand out the dishes. When I saw Harry, I wasn't really concentrating and put my elbow in the butter dish. I hope he didn't notice.

The next day, Harry went to Diagon Alley with us. I was very nervous and kind of sad. Harry didn't really pay any attention to me, he just kept chatting with Ron. I felt as though a huge rain cloud had floated into my head, sad and disappointing.

Firstly, we went into Ollivander's wand shop. It was amazing! Absolutely amazing! All my sadness was gone instantly. An old man was standing behind the counter and measuring a wand. "He must be Mr Ollivander", I thought. He smiled, asked for my name and when I replied, immediately rushed to the many bookshelves filled with long boxes filled with wands! There must have been hundreds or even thousands!

He slowly pulled out a green box. The wand inside was made of a twisty twig that looked as if it had been bent a fair few times. He then said,"Hmm, Birch and Unicorn Tail, a bit clumsy, let me see . . .", before handing it to me. I waved it about and it felt cold in my hands, not comfortable at all. Ollivander pulled it out of my hands and selected, "Hazel, Dragon Heartstring, very swishy".

None  of the wands he gave me seemed to do, until he pulled out what must have been the thirtieth box and said, "An unusual wand, very unusual. Made from a cherry tree with a single strand of a pegasus's tail hair. A nice wand for charm work and somewhat powerful, yes . . . Well let us try it!"

I held the wand and felt a warm feeling go through my body. A sudden, pink and gold gust of wind circled me and flew straight into my chest, making me glow for a second. "Well, I never.", Ollivander croaked. "It is as if it was made for you. Such a perfect fit!"

I happily hopped out of the shop and visited "Eeylops Owl Emporium" to see if there was any cute pets and sadly walked away when Mum told me we couldn't afford an owl. Not fair! It was the cutest one in the shop too! "The Apothecary" was filled with everything and after buying "ridiculously expensive Glass Vials!", as Mum called them, we headed of to the book shop, because we were supposed to meet everyone there. We lined up and when Harry came along, I really felt like asking if he felt the same way about me, as I felt about him. No, that would be far too soon.

I kept changing my mind about asking Harry if we could possibly hang out, until I finally pulled myself towards him. I said, "Umm, hi Harry. I was . . . Umm . . . Just wondering if . . .", but I couldn't finish my sentence because at that very moment we entered "Flourish & Blotts" book shop, which was packed with witches and wizards of all ages! There had never been so many people in there before! Mum had also gone pink and giggly, which happened rarely.

Then, a rather handsome man with blonde hair and gleaming white teeth appeared and the crowd immediately went wild! It was the famous author, Gilderoy Lockhart. That explained Mum giggling, she loved him and his books! I have to admit, he was very handsome . . .  He was grinning and talking about a new book of his, when he saw Harry in the crowd, wondering why on Earth everyone was getting so crazy over a man with white teeth.

"Merlin's beard!", he called. "You're Harry Potter, aren't you?! Come here, young man, come here! Together, we can make the Daily Prophet!" Harry looked very uncomfortable and it was clear that he did not want to be photographed! I also saw him glare at a boy in green clothing. The boy had very light blonde hair, cold grey eyes and light skin. To me, he looked very mean. Plus, he was glaring at my boyfr - I mean, Harry. Somehow, I immediately hated this stranger.

When Lockhart let go of Harry, he went up to me and gave me all the books he had got and said, "Here, you can have them." Wow, Harry Potter actually spoke to me! I turned a deep shade of pink and opened my mouth to say thank you, when the boy with the cold eyes came up.

"Here you are, Potter. Can't even visit a book shop without wanting everyone to look at you.", he sneered. "Shut up, Malfoy!" Harry said warningly. This Malfoy person did not shut up, so I stood, looked at his pointed face and said, "Leave him alone!"

"Ooh, got yourself a girlfriend, eh, Potter? She must be affected by some love potion.", Malfoy laughed and said to me, "I'd dump him, if I were you." I was very mad that he had offended Harry, but also pretty pleased that I had been called his girlfriend! After this conversation, Harry looked even more annoyed and sad, so I ran away and hid myself behind some crates. And I cried, and cried, and cried and cried, until I saw mum looking for me, which was when I decided to emerge. Why did I always have to mess things up?!

Meanwhile, a man who looked as if he could be Malfoy's father started insulting Dad inside "Flourish & Blotts" while we were away and picking up my books from the cauldren, commenting on our slight . . . Money problem. Dad then threw himself at the man and when they emerged, both were injured. But none of this bothered me. I was too busy daydreaming. About me, about Harry.

After the book shop, where she shouted at Dad for acting like that in front of Gilderoy for at least an hour, (to be honest, Gilderoy Lockhart seemed very pleased, thinking they were fighting over his books) Mum took me to buy new robes. Second hand new robes anyway. I felt terrible. Harry would probably laugh his head off. He, himself, always wore brand new, gleaming robes. I didn't think I would be good enough for him . . .

We quickly left Diagon Alley to start packing (or maybe just to stop Dad leaping at that man again) and Mum was bustling about the house, telling everyone what to do. I was sitting on the floor, my school things around me and a bunch of mixed feelings floating above my head. I was excited, because I was finally getting to go to Hogwarts, but I was also disappointed that Harry didn't seem to like me. Maybe school term would have been a good time to get to know him better?

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