Just That Girl Called Ginny

Ginny's first year is a mix of complete chaos, and it's definitely NOT something an eleven year old girl would want to put up with! Hogwarts is an incredible place, fun, magical, and definitely safe! Well . . . That is until Ginny's first year. The Chamber Of Secrets has been opened again, and no student is safe, especially not Ginny, who is an inexperienced young girl, thrust into a dangerous and deadly adventure, with only one way out. Not only does she have to battle with the darkest wizard of all time, she also has to fight with a broken heart, because the boy she loves could not possibly love her . . . Will Ginny survive? Or will she disappear like those thrust into the chamber before her?

Cover by: MissQuirky


8. Back To School

Once I finally escaped the Infirmary, it was time to get back to lessons. I sighed. Again. Climbing up the winding stairs to my dorm, I thought about Harry. When I opened the door, nobody was there. Good, I would finally have some peace and quiet! I grabbed my robe and pulled it on. I adjusted my skirt, (it had to be way above the knees for me) shoved my shirt into it and messed up my hair a bit, putting it into a bun afterwards. There, perfect. Nobody would ever know what happened.

I also pulled on a pair of sneakers and hopped down the stairs. As it turned out, I was actually quite early. Most of the girls had gone to see Harry practice for Quidditch and Hermione was one of the few remaining. I sat down next to her. "Oh hello, Ginny." she said. "Hi," I replied. "What are you reading?"

She snapped the book shut. "Oh just, you know . . . Oh, OK. I'm researching what creature could be petrifying the students." Hermione replied. She seemed quite frustrated. "It's just . . . I still don't know what to look for! It's quite frustrating! Oh, by the way, I've been asking around, and it seems like your grades are failing, Ginny! Here, this history book will help, it's got all of Hogwarts' history inside it! Quite useful at times!" She pushed the book into my hands, and I felt my cheeks going red. After all, it wasn't any of her business that I wasn't doing too great in school! But I guess I did want to impress my teachers and be a good student, so I reluctantly placed it in my already over-loaded bag.

I stayed silent and after a while, Hermione seemed to notice it was time for her to go to the Library and said bye. I ate the rest of my toast and rushed up to the Potions classroom. Oh no! I was going to be late! When I barged into Potions, professor Snape was in the middle of a very boring lecture. Oops. He glared at me, told me off for my lateness and took five points off Gryffindor. It was not a good day for me. I sat down at the very back of the class, where professor Snape never came to criticize, because he couldn't feel bothered. I personally wished he would, so I could call him a git. Hmm, but I bet it would earn me a detention, or even two.

I spent the rest of the lesson trying to create a sleeping draught, which was quite easy, although it did make me a bit sleepy. As I was reaching for some ingredients, my hand brushed over a book in my bag. It was one that Hermione had given me a few weeks ago, because she thought 'my grades were failing.' I quickly flipped through it under the desk, I was nearly finished my potion anyway, and Snape wouldn't notice, right? Oh boy, how wrong I was. The class suddenly went silent and before I knew it, he was standing in front of me, snatching the book from my hands. "I am not aware of telling you to read this during class, Miss Weasley. Five points will be taken from Gryffindor for your behavior." he snarled, dropping it on the floor.

The Slytherins were laughing so much that their potions were going all over the place. I glared at them, hid my book back inside my bag and continued making my potion. As soon as the bell went, I put my vial on Snape's desk for him to test and ran out of the room.

My next class started in an hour, so I had some spare time, mainly to do homework. (Groooaaaan!) So I went up into the Gryffindor Common Room and sat on the comfy red armchair, taking out my books. I started to study. For Snape, I had to write a detailed description of what the Alohomora charm could do when mixed with a love potion, which took me at least half an hour! By that time, I wanted time for myself so badly that I decided to do the rest when I went to bed, there were way more interesting things to do than homework!

So I slammed my books shut and ran outside, it was soooo nice outside! My school bag was hung over my shoulder, and as I ran, the book dropped out of it. By "the book," I mean the one that I was reading during class, the one that Hermione gave to me. I looked at the title, which was "Hogwarts: A History by Bathilda Bagshot." Oh, another book my parents just couldn't afford to get me, ugh! I flipped through it, coming to a page labelled "The Chamber Of Secrets." My eyes widened in fear! There it was, the whole legend!

Before Hogwarts existed, there were four very powerful wizards, who wanted to create a school of magic, to coach future students. Each was in charge of one house in the school. Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. Salazar Slytherin, the founder of Slytherin itself, wanted Hogwarts to be a pure blood school only, but the other founders refused, they believed that all children should be given the chance to learn magic! So Slytherin decided to build a secret chamber, hidden in Hogwarts, The Chamber Of Secrets. In it, he put a deadly creature, that only he and his future heirs could control. I must be an heir!

I slammed the book shut and chucked it away, too. I quickly checked my watch, just to make sure I wouldn't be late. Yikes! I had two minutes until the bell! Grabbing my stuff and hoisting up my already short skirt, I dashed downstairs, and into McGonnagal's Transfiguration class. Thank goodness, I rushed in just as the bell went! Transfiguration was one of my favourite classes, so I was very glad that I didn't miss out, because I didn't want to disappoint Professor McGonnagal, as she was the Deputy Headmistress!

I sat down in the only seat available, next to a popular girl called Amelia Jones. I usually didn't sit next to people like her because firstly, she was a Ravenclaw (people from different houses don't usually mix) and secondly, she was way more popular than me. I'm such a loner! She smiled at me, and said she loved my hairstyle, so we started a conversation. Of course, we were still listening, just sort-of chattering about things as we tried to turn our needles into teeth. I mean, it was really hard! She told me about her friends, and I told her about my family and all my annoying brothers, being extra enthusiastic about my favorite, Fred.

She suddenly said "Hey! So you're the Weasley Twins' sister! Cool! You must be so popular, those guys are like, the best!" I laughed then, because I hadn't really realised that I was very popular, it even seemed like a pretty ridiculous idea. But the again . . . I mean there was that time when a crowd of girls came up to talk to me, and when Maisie, the girl from my dorm, commented on how pretty she thought I was. And even though I hadn't really noticed it, all the boys seemed to blush like crazy when I smiled at them! So I just told Amelia "Hmm, I haven't really noticed much, you know, there's just so much homework to do and stuff!"

She then suggested that during the lunch break, she could help me withj my homework, which I was delighted about! Not only did I find a new friend, I also got a Ravenclaw to help me with school work! And Ravenclaws are really clever! We chatted for the rest of the class, and then walked out together. Of course, all Amelia's popular friends immediately ran up to her as soon as the bell rang, so she introduced them all to me! It was so nice! All the girls seemed to like me, and they were chatting to me non-stop, saying things like "You have gorgeous, long, silky soft, slightly curly hair! Can I play with it, please?!" and "You are liker the kindest person ever! And so beautiful! Can I do your make-up at lunch break?" I agreed to meet up with them later, promising to bring all my lipstick and mascara with me.

I could finally feel happy! The diary was gone forever! But . . . I had still petrified so many students, what if I still attacked more?

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