Just That Girl Called Ginny

Ginny's first year is a mix of complete chaos, and it's definitely NOT something an eleven year old girl would want to put up with! Hogwarts is an incredible place, fun, magical, and definitely safe! Well . . . That is until Ginny's first year. The Chamber Of Secrets has been opened again, and no student is safe, especially not Ginny, who is an inexperienced young girl, thrust into a dangerous and deadly adventure, with only one way out. Not only does she have to battle with the darkest wizard of all time, she also has to fight with a broken heart, because the boy she loves could not possibly love her . . . Will Ginny survive? Or will she disappear like those thrust into the chamber before her?

Cover by: MissQuirky


11. Almost, And Yet Close Enough

Almost, and yet close enough, the riddle read. I chewed on the end of my quill nervously. Professor Flitwick's lesson was harder than I thought it would be.

What is big? What is small?

Almost, and yet close enough, but out of reach to all and none.

It's colors flash beneath us, above us, around us,

It's glimmer wherever two forces meet.

It's appearance could be described as seven to us,

But for us it hides many more secrets,

But none miserable, for it may only appear after your darkest secrets have passed.

What is it?

"Big but small, glimmers with color, seven and hides secrets . . . Hmmmm . . ." I muttered, frantically trying to figure it out, until at last -

Got it! My hand shot up, although there were many more Ravenclaws before me. However, I was the first Gryffindor to figure it out! Flitwick's eyes skimmed the classroom and I desperately waved my arm about, hoping he would choose me. I was desperate, because if I answered correctly, I would earn twenty house-points for Gryffindor, and anyway, if he chose me, it would be the first time I ever answered anything, really.

"Alright then Miss Weasley, what is your answer?" his wheezy, squeaky voice called. I grinned and quickly replied, "Is it a rainbow, sir?" Many Ravenclaw smiles were replaced by disappointment as the tiny professor called, "Yes, indeed! Twenty house-points for Gryffindor!"

I shot out of class and into the jam-packed second floor corridor when the bell went, reminding myself that it had been a week since I retrieved the diary and nothing had happened! Yet . . .

Well, apart from Harry becoming vaguely annoyed and trying to find out who stole it . . . Which made me feel very guilty . . . But I couldn't give it back to him, Tom would tell him that I was the monster! I climbed up the stairs as fast as I could, because they tended to move a LOT, and through yet another corridor, until I reached the Fat Lady at last. She was pretending that she was singing for the opera, and I did not want to hear that, because I didn't feel like having my ear drums blown apart, even on a good day.

"Chocolate Frog, Chocolate Frog!" I yelled, and she sighed, murmuring something about her being nearly at the really high part, and the door swung open. I ran through, closed it behind me and flopped onto a gold armchair with a fluffy beige pillow on my lap. Fiona Cauldren's cat Fizzbanger jumped onto me, wanting me to stroke her, and I did so, wondering what would happen next.

I was really supposed to do my homework, because I had the whole afternoon free, but I couldn't feel bothered, so I just left it and said I would do it later, which probably meant in the middle of the night, but that was fine too, even though it left me a bit more tired than I should be in the morning.

I stroked Fizzbanger's pink fur absentmindedly, staring into her beautiful green eyes. She was a wizarding experiment, created by Fiona's dad, and I wished with all my heart that she could be mine! I truly loved everything about her; the bright pink coat, those eyes like juicy green apples and her personality of course, which was as sweet as honey. If she were mine, I knew I would call her Toffee Apple, because it really did suit her.

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