Calen Saterion

This is about my character Calen from Ultima Online


1. A little history

Calen was born on the outskirts of Britain to a regal family that spent much of their time banquets with the upper class society. His family consisted of his mother, father, 4 brothers and 2 sisters. The males in his family were dominating figures; the females were submissive to the men however very well taken care of. Calen grew up in a pampered lifestyle, with never a worry of being in poverty, dressed in finely woven clothes and exquisite meals.

Up until the age of 22 he was trained to be a fencer, but by the time he turned 23 his desires had changed. He did not only want riches but he went on a quest to find immortality. He searched all over Sosaria to find a way to become immortal, beginning in the land of necromancy Umbra. He began a study of necromancy in hopes that he found someone who could lead him to the life of an immortal; however he was only able to find instructors of the magic of death. His next trip was across the bridge to Luna which was less helpful because the paladins of the area found a search for immortality to be a sin against the virtues. His travels brought him to the area of Hythloth where he ran into a woman who he found to be as beautiful as an angel. Her long flowing dirty blonde hair, perfectly toned body and eyes a light color of green. He introduced himself to her and she smiled slightly to him, introducing herself as Lelaca Krisathian, such an odd name for such a glorious lady. She would tell him about things that made her happy and that she loved fire animals, they fascinated her which is why she lived near such a dangerous dungeon. He would stay in the second story room of her small house with uncomfortable hard beds and meals made of the creatures found in the jungles of Hythloth. He would bring her into Britain to buy her clothes and jewelry to bring out her beauty, one day bringing her to the jeweler to present her with a wedding ring of gold and emeralds. On the day of their wedding his family scoffed at him for marrying someone they found beneath him, however he ignored their insults and carried her to a brilliant white stallion which they rode back to her small house near Hythloth . It was at that time she gave him a gift he had not expected, and had forgotten about until this moment. It was one year ago when he came to this area in search of immortality, and she handed him a bottle a bright red fluid in it. She told him that once they had fallen in love with each other she spent everyday attempting to make the potion to make his dream of immortality true. She explained to him that one of the main ingredients was the blood of a phoenix. He knew she was an incredibly talented alchemist, but never expected that such a potion would come to him on his wedding day. She smiled to him as she watched him drink half of it, then she drank the other half. Three months later they found that she was pregnant, and were overjoyed that they would have a child soon in their lives.

One day when he came home he called out for her but didn’t get a response; he went outside and found her body lying on the ground. He turned around then vomited on the ground because whoever had killed her took her head with them. She had been 6 months pregnant at that time so he not only lost his wife, but also his unborn child. Once he had gathered himself up he carried her corpse into their house, then as he left he set a torch to their home and never returned to Hythloth again.

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