The Report

Ebelyn is a high schooler. She is one of the bad/good girls. Her teacher Ms.Tilson has made the high school do a project. She brings in Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson. Every girl in the school has to do a report about each one. At the end of this project, the winner of best report gets to pick their favorite. And go on a date with them, no matter what. Either they like it or hate it, this will be a big report.


5. With The Guys

    I've been with my grandmother since yesterday. Crap!!! Zayn said he was coming over today. I pulled out my phone and texted him. 'Hey I'm at my grandma's house, Can we talk? Call me when you can.' My grandma looked at me. "Who was that?" She asked. I smile. "A friend." She smiles in her granny way. My phone rings. "Be right back gram." She smiles. I answer my phone. "Hey." I say. "Hey it's Zayn." I smile. "miss you." I say sadly. "We can meet at the mall." He says. "I probualy can make it. Let me talk to my mom. I'll text you in a bit." I could tell the boys were in the background. I heard, 'Zayn and Ebelyn sittin in a tree!!!' My grams calls me Nicki because she can't pronounce Ebelyn. "Nicki!!" She yells. "Gotta go Zayn. Love you bye." I hang up and go and see what's the problem.

    "Yeah grams?" I say. "Your mom and me think you should go out for a bit." I smile. "Thank you grammy!!" I hug her and tell her bye, then hop in my mom's car. I turn on the radio and it plays, 'Live While We're Young'. I call Zayn. "I'll be at the mall in thirty." I say. "Okay see you in a min babe." We say bye and I pull into the parking lot. I look through my window and see Zayn's car. " lock the doors and hop in his. I hug him. "Where we going Malik??" He smiles. "To the house." "Okay." I say. Soon we arive.

     He opens the door for me. I get out then kiss his lips. I put his arms around my waist. I wrap mine around his neck. I open my eyes and look in the window. I see the guys. I remove my lips and Zayn looks at me. "What?" He let go of my waist. "Window." The guys try to run. Niall just goes down where we can't see him. We walk in the house. "Hungry??" Harry asks. "No." I say. "I am." Niall yells. I smile and me and Zayn go into his room. The guys have seprate houses but one that everyone goes to. I sit on his bed.

    "You seem bumed. What's up?" I look into his eyes. "My parents have been fighting. Me and my mom let this morning to go to my grandma's house." He looks in my eyes. "Anything I can do?" I nod no. He sits by me and puts his arm around me. I put my head on his chest. He kisses my head. "I'm here for you." He says. I kiss his lips. The door opens and Harry yells. "VAS HAPPIN BOYS???" I get up and chase after him. My second time around the kitchen, Zayn grabs my waist. "Let him go." He says. "NEVER!!!" I yell he lets go of me and I continue chasing Harry.

     We sit down to watch a movie. Me and Zayn go into his room and watch T.V. Not much of T.V. though..... He grabs my waist and pulls me closer. My hand goes through his hair. "Awesome hair, eh?" He says. "Eh." I say. He laughs and lays down on his bed. I lay beside him. I text my mom. 'Hey mom can I spend the night with Isabelle?' A couple minutes of kissing later my phone rings. 'sure'. I smile and get on top of Zayn. I start kissing him. "I love you so much." Zayn whispers in my ear. "I love you too." I say.

     I wake up beside Zayn. He is sleeping. I kiss his lips. He is very quiet when asleep. I pull the blanket over us. I look for my phone. Shit it must be downstairs. I get up and open the door. I go downstairs and seee the boys. "Have fun?" Louis asks. "Shut up. We didn't even do anything." I don't really like Louis, and Niall. They laugh. "Sure..." Niall says.I walk upstairs and look at my phone. It's seven. I wake Zayn up.

    "What???" He says sleepily. "It's seven." I say. "And??" He says. I lay beside him and look at his face. "Open your eyes." I damand. He opens one eye. "Hey beautiful." He says. "Am I beautiul enough for you to get up??" He smiles. "Wanna go to my house??" He suggests. "Sure." I say.


  I sit on the couch. "Hungry??" He asks. "Yes." I say. "What do you want?" He asks. "Food." He laughed. "Well I know that!!!" I smile. "Pizza?" I nod. He soon puts the pizza in the oven. He sat beside me. "You know one day I will get pregnant, right?" He nods. "Yea it better be mine." I smile. "Trust me it will." "Wait are you saying your pregnant?" I laugh. "NO!!!" He smiles. "Shit! I stoday Sunday?" He nods. "Why?" "School is tomorrow!!!" He laughs. "You don't have to go." He says. "You're right." I call my mom. "Hey mom just wanna tell you, I am not staying with you or dad. I'm staying with a friend." "Honey-" I hung up.

     Zayn smiled. "I'm all yours." I say. He smiles and kisses my lips. He got up and got the pizza out of the oven. "Dinner is served." He says. I smile and sit by him. "It's a little burnt." He says. "I don't care." I ate four pieces. Zayn ate four too. I get up and sit by Zayn. "So when do you have to meet with Paul?" He sighes. "Tonight at nine." I looked at the clock. "ZAYN!!! IT'S NINE!!!!" He looks at the clock. "SHIT!!! WANNA COME???" "YEA!!!" We raced to his car and drove to the house.

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