The Report

Ebelyn is a high schooler. She is one of the bad/good girls. Her teacher Ms.Tilson has made the high school do a project. She brings in Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson. Every girl in the school has to do a report about each one. At the end of this project, the winner of best report gets to pick their favorite. And go on a date with them, no matter what. Either they like it or hate it, this will be a big report.


11. Never

  Ever since Morgan was here everyone is getting close. The only thing I miss is some privacy. Me and Zayn.... ok I guess. He has been with the guys. I guess I know how he feels I've been hanging out with Isabelle, Morgan, and Destinee. All of us are going out. Except Liam. He's going to his Aunt's. he really likes his Aunt's snake. 'Philis' is the snake's name. He kept bragging to us last time he went.

   Zayn grabbed me by my back side and kissed my cheek. "Ready?" He asked. "No." I say. Kissing him back. I grabbed my bag and phone. "No need to grab that." Zayn said while I picked up my wallet. "You sure?" I questioned. "Yeah." I put it into a drawer. "I grab Zayn's arm. He slapped his lips on mine. Our lips danced on eachothers. The door slammed open. "Everyday I'm shuffling!!!!!" Louis yelled. Soon our lips disconnected.

    I walked down the stairs. "Sup." I said to Louis while he was hugging Morgan. "Bye!" He yelled and waved. "Um bye Morgan!" I yelled as she shut the front door. "Hey Lou why isn't Morgan going on the date?" I asked. "She is. Just later then you guys." He said as I nodded. "Anyways bye!" I said as Zayn grabbed my hand. We walked out and he opened the car door for me. "Ah gentleman you are today." I said and he smirked.

   Once we got to the fancy dinner place I mean it's FANCY. I stepped out of the car. I shut the door and we walked in. "Dinner sir?" The man asked. "Zayn dinner for two." The man looked at a piece of paper on a clipboard. "Come right this way." He led us to a balcony dinner in the moonlight. "To drink?" He asked. "Coke." I said looking at Zayn. "Same." He said staring at me. "Ok my name is Jason can I get you anything else?" He asked. I looked at Zayn. "Nope!" We both said at the same time. He smiled and left.

   On the balcony was only us. "Ebelyn?" He asked. I looked at him. "Yea?" "Um we don't have to sit here." I smiled and walked toward the edge. I looked at all the lights. Zayn stood beside me warming me with his body heat. "Zayn." I said he turned me around. "Yes?" He asked. "I never will leave you ever again." I said and hugged him. He kissed my lips under the moonlight. "I love you so much." He said. I smiled.

sorry for the short chapter! I have a awesome idea like always and I will update another chapter tonight!!!!

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