The Report

Ebelyn is a high schooler. She is one of the bad/good girls. Her teacher Ms.Tilson has made the high school do a project. She brings in Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson. Every girl in the school has to do a report about each one. At the end of this project, the winner of best report gets to pick their favorite. And go on a date with them, no matter what. Either they like it or hate it, this will be a big report.


10. Louis' girlfriend!

    I woke up wrapped around Zayn's arms. "Get up babe!" I yell. He rolls over. "Come on! For me?" I mess with his hair. "Ugh." He says and finally opens his eyes. "Shit!" Zayn yells and jumps up. "What?" I ask. "Your hair! Just kidding Louis told me his girlfriend is coming over in a hour!" I laugh. "We have a hour." He runs to Harry's room and knocks on the door. "Get up! Lou's girlfriend is going to be over in a bit!" He opens the door and sees Harry on the floor. "She wouldn't let me sleep on my bed." Harry says while Destinee laughs.

  I got in the shower. Washed myself and got out. I looked around the bathroom and saw Zayn. "What?!?!" I yell. He looks away. "Nothin." He walks out mysteriously. I close the door and do my makeup. I fix my hair and decide to curl it. Soon Zayn gets in the shower. I walk around the house. I see Lou being happy as ever. "Lou are you alright?" I ask. "Am I alright?!?! I'm wonderful! I finally find a girl who understands me!"he yells. I hug him. "When is she coming over?" I ask. "Thirty." He says. I jump out if his hug and run to the bathroom. "Zayn! Hurry! You have thirty minutes!" I yell. "Fuck!!!!!" He yells.

   "She's here!" Louis yells. I walk to the door. "Hello I'm Ebelyn!" I yell tryin not to freak her out. "Morgan! Nice to meet ya!" She yells. Destinee soon walks to the door. "Destinee!" She yells. "I'm Morgan!" Morgan yells out. Soon we all sit down for lunch. A.k.a. Breakfast for me.

    "Who made these?" Morgan asks. "Mc Don-" I try to say but Lou elbows my stomach. "Louis made it." I say hurting. "Wow Lou you cook?" She asks. "Hell yeah." Louis says. "Whats we gon watch?" I laugh. "Somethin on the tv." 

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