The Report

Ebelyn is a high schooler. She is one of the bad/good girls. Her teacher Ms.Tilson has made the high school do a project. She brings in Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson. Every girl in the school has to do a report about each one. At the end of this project, the winner of best report gets to pick their favorite. And go on a date with them, no matter what. Either they like it or hate it, this will be a big report.


4. Date

       I walked home with Liam. "Sure you don't want to drive?" I nodded. "I'm sure." I opened my door. "Do you want to come in?" He came in. "Tea?" He nodded. I sat beside him. "Zayn-" "He I know." "I gotta go." He said. "Okay. See you tonight." He smiled. "See ya." "WAIT!!!" I yelled. He turned around. "I, I." I hugged him. I looked in his eyes. "Bye." He smiled and shut my door.

    "Really Ebelyn???" I walked into my room. I put on a black dress. That is shorter in the front. Longer in back. I headed out the door. There was Zayn in a tux. "Took you long enough." He said. "You wanted me to go with you. Not my fault." I hoped in his car. Date first, raped second, pregnant third. "We're here." He said. I hoped out of his car and headed inside. We sat with Harry and Nina. "By the way you look lovely." Zayn said. I nodded. "Sure......"

   The other guys arrived soon. We ate. We left. I had to go to Zayn' s house. I put my bag down. I brought pjs. I went to a bathroom and put them on. I looked at my face in the mirror. The door opened. "Want to watch a movie?" Zayn asked. "Yea, sure." He shut the door. I grabbed my bag and left the bathroom. He turned on, 'Love And Other Drugs'.

     At the end of the movie we were both laughing. "Remember when I said you're beautiful?" He asked. "Yea." I looked at him. "I meant what I said." I smiled. "Anyway...... What do you want to watch now??" I asked. He looked at me. "Tell me my hair is awesome." He said. I laughed a little. "No. It was just to make a little laugh." He smiled. "What about gentleman??" "I don't know what about it?" He looked at the t.v. "Let me guess, you want me to kiss you??" He looked at me. "No. I want you to let me kiss you." I looked at his eyes. "Take a shot." He smiled. "Here comes the bullet."

   He kissed me. Very gently. "Do you think you're a gentleman because of your lips??" He laughed. "Did you say harder?" He pushed his lips harder on mine. I got up and left him sitting there. "You want more?? When you're ready come and get it!!!" " Na na na na." I ran into his room and locked the door. On his dresser was himself. Then a mirror. I opened the door. I jumped on his hips. I started kissing his lips. He had his back on the wall. He was holding on to me. I felt safe. I never have felt safe.

      I let my body be his. He undressed. And started kissing down my body. "Zayn, Zayn, Zayn, ZAYN!!!" He stopped kissing me. "Yeah?" I looked at his lips. "I'm not ready." He laughed. "I'll move back to your lips then." I smiled. He let my body rest on his. I had my head and above my hip area on his chest. He wrapped his arms around me. "I love you." He told me. "I love........ You too." I fell asleep with no regrets.

      I woke up with a naked body next to me. I was naked too. "SHIT!!!!" I yelled. He looked at me. "What the fuck happened??" I yelled. He grabbed my arm. "Don't worry." He told me. I laid down and looked at him. I gently kissed his cheek. He smiled. I was nervous. "Don't worry." He said calmly. "I can't remember anything. Did you have fun??" He nodded. "Shit, I need to get home." I say. I jump out of bed and get my clothes on. "Bye Zayn." He got up. He kissed my lips. "Come over later." I say. He says 'Okay' and I leave. I knock on his door. He opens it. "I need a ride."

     He drives me home. I run inside and hopped in bed like nothing happened. My mom comes up to my room. "GET UP!!! WE'RE LEAVING!!!!" I looked at my mom. I hopped out. "Why?" She looked at me in the eyes. "Your father is being rude so we are going to your grandma's house." I nodded. I packed some stuff and me and my mom drove to my grandma's house. I love my grandmother. I jumped in the house and hugged her. "Nicki." She says. "Grams." I say happily but sad. I've been thinking of Zayn.


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