The walking dead (game); Time Out


3. Chapter 3; Tree House


Clementine's vision was blurred and the voices she heard were echoey but she could tell it was Sandra and that she was in the kitchen.

Clementine picked herself up and steadied herself on the dining room table, willing herself to move. Her small heart pounding in her chest- her palms began to get sweaty as she listened closely to what was happening.

The back of her head was pounding and sore and her eyes were watery and stinging. She rubbed her eyes until she could see again and soon after she could hear relatively well. Suddenly, a figure emerged from the kitchen, scaring Clementine so much at she instantly dropped silently and creeped under the table out of sight. She slightly poked her head out so she could see who the figure was, maybe it was the man that was here last night, Clementine remembered Sandra talking to her about the 'special hug'. Clementine gasped as she saw who... Or what was in her house, a second glance verified her suspicion. It was a man, slowly walking away and out of the door. Clementine caught a scent in the air, it smelled like someone passed gas. Suddenly her mind flashed back to that morning, when the freaky looking doctor was explaining the virus to the camera, the symptoms...the man who had just been to Clementine's, home was here to spread the virus. She was thankful he vanished. No one was screaming anymore so she plucked up the courage to slowly poke her head around the kitchen doorway to see what Sandra was doing, maybe she was hiding too.

Clementine gasped quietly as she took in what she saw, Sandra was lying on the floor, in a pool of blood, eyes wide open in fright and a hammer clutched to her chest. Clementine felt her eyes fill with tears as she crouched next to her body. "Sandra? Sandra? Please wake up Sandra, I can't be left alone, I've been to scared to tell you this...but I'm scared of being alone! Please, please don't leave me here!" Clementine sobbed and rested her head on Sandra's leg, "please Sandra..." Clementine whispered, picking her head up from the floor.

Clementine sighed and stood up, she had to be brave and get out of the house before more of the men came in. Suddenly a noise from the answering machine. "Three new messages, Friday 18th of August." "That was today..." Clementine whispered to herself. It took a few minutes, but Clementine managed to get the messages to play. Suddenly, Clementine's heard something that broke her heart, it was her mother's voice. "Clementine? Baby, if you hear this, call the police. That's 9-1-1. We love you... we love you... we love y-"

Clementine fell to the floor and sobbed, her mom and dad had to be okay, they promised they'd never leave her alone, ever.

That was the thought that kept her going, she had to survive for them.

She knew what she had to do and the police couldn't help her do it.

She had to stay on high ground, just like the doctor on TV said, she was going to stay in her treehouse.

Running into the kitchen, Clementine opened the kitchen drawer and grabbed one of two Walkie-talkies, then grabbed all the bread, the chips and the fruit she could find. She made extra effort not to stand on Sandra or her blood as she filled up a big bottle with water.

As she packed it all of her food and drink into her backpack and clipped the Walkie onto her waistband, her eyes wandered down to Sandra's body, then to the hammer clutched tightly to her chest. Clementine sighed, stretched out a trembling hand and quickly snatched the hammer from her once-babysitter's dead hands- she was going to need something to protect her.

Clementine stood up and looked around, she was sure this could be the last time she saw the house she got brought up in, eight years spent in this very house, her eyes watered as she thought of her parents. "They'll come back for me." She said sternly to herself.

She walked out of her house and into her garden, making extra sure to remain silent and unseen, just like the man she saw on the discovery channel who was being chased by lions.

She stood at the foot of her treehouse and looked up with a sigh. She might be up there for a while.

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