Your My Favorite Day Dream

Lizzy is a normal girl. As usual has her dreams, and fantasies. What happens when she meets her insperations, The Janoskies, will she fall? Have a new boyfriend? Will she turn bad? Will she make new friends? Read the book and find out.


4. School

Lizzy's POV So we walked to the bus stop and waited there for about 5 minutes and the bus finally came I sat with Mati Alex sat with beau and Jai sat with his twin brother Luke "Mati?" I asked laying my head on his sholder "Yeah?" "Are we gonna be ok?" I asked sadly "I don't know Lizzy but I hope so" he said with his soft voise he kissed me on the forehead I pulled out my phone and plugged in my ear buds in my ears and played Battle Scares by Guy Sebastian ft. Lupe and by the end of the song we where at school we all got off the bus "hey Jai can you come with me to the office so I can get my scedual?" I asks Jai "yeah sure just come with me" he said so I did I got schedule and it turned out we have the same classes to be completely honest with myself I think he's hella cute but I really don't know his personality so I can't be completely in love with him when I nearly know him so we went to our first class witch was Language Arts I chose a seat in the corner of the very back and Jai sat in the front witch I kinda got sad about but oh well I sat with the wall to my right and a girl with blonde hair to my right "Hi! My name's Lizzy" I said with a smile to the girl who chose to sit next to me she smiled back at me "hey my name's McKinna nice to meet you" she said she was super nice and she helped me throughout the class as class went on u noticed Jai looking over at me....

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