Your My Favorite Day Dream

Lizzy is a normal girl. As usual has her dreams, and fantasies. What happens when she meets her insperations, The Janoskies, will she fall? Have a new boyfriend? Will she turn bad? Will she make new friends? Read the book and find out.


3. My First Day of High School

Lizzy's POV: 

BEEEP! BEEEP!BEEEP! BEEEP! I hear I instantly jump up  and open my eyes I get up and go to the shower put some One Direction music on and jump in while singing I get out look through my walk in closet my millions and millions of close and I chose some white ripped skinny jeans a blue and whit croptop blue vans a white jacket I blow dryed and straightend my blue ombré hair thrugh on a white and blue snapback and for the finishing touch I put on some blue fake nerd glasses see I love to match if someone doesn't match I freak out anyway I run to the bathroom and turn off the music take my backpack and run down stairs grabbed an apple and Alex and Matias came storming down "ready guys?" I asked "yup" they both said and we walked out the door ☆ PAUSE! OK SO HI I'M LIZZY I'M 15 AND ALEX & MATIAS ARE MY BROTHERS MY BROTHERS AND I JUST MOVED HERE THERE 18 AND THEY'RE IDENTICAL TWINS BUT I CAN TELL THEM APART ONLY US 3 MOVED HERE CUZ OUR PARENTS PASED AWAY IN A CAR CRASH AND WE DISITED TO HAVE A FRESH START SO YEAH TODAY IS MY FIRST DAY OF HIGH SCHOOL OK PLAY!☆ there were two boys walking into our driveway "can I help you?" I asked "oh yeah uhm we just came uh say uhh hhi and welcome to the nneighborhood uhm we live next door and we uh wher wondering if you would like us to show you where the bus stop is" said a boy with longish hair and brown eyes "uh sure why not oh and by the way I'm Lizzy" I said "he's Alex" Mati said "and he's Matias or as Lizzy calls him Mati" Alex said "well hi I'm Beau and this is my brother Jai" said the one with green eyes and brown hair "ok well shouldn't we get going?" I asked politely "oh yeah" Jai said and we started walking to the bus stop 

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