My Family .

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  • Published: 14 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 26 Nov 2013
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Story about my family .


7. Wedding dinner .

They were going to make some invitation cards .

They printed some invitation cards .

They sent those cards by themselves .

They were walking on air when doing such a suffering thing .

They were delighted , even though this work quite tough .


They didn't care . 

The wedding dinner was set at my grandfather coffee shop . 

The coffee shop was the first place they met . 

The coffee shop had lots of sweet memories .


My grandfather workers helped him to decorate his coffee shop . 

They painted my grandfather coffee shop beautifully just like a palace . 

Like a heaven . 

Like a paradise . 


The wedding dinner started . 

They were nervous . 

It was the very first time for them . 


Everyone congratulated them . 

The woman's parents were touching . 

Their eyes were full of tears . 

They tried to hold back the tears . 


Wedding Dinner for Asian was quite different .

In Asian , wedding dinner should be sumptuous . 

We should drink lots of beers as support . 


That day , everyone drunk lots.

Even though my grandparent also . 

That night was fascinating for their life . 

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