My Family .

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  • Published: 14 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 26 Nov 2013
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Story about my family .


4. Take a marvelous dinner with beautiful woman .


        It was a beautiful night . It left a lot of sweet memories . ... 

        They could not forget all the sweet memories , they experienced together .

       What they acted just like the drama in TV programmes .


       They came to a pleasant restaurant .

       After ordering some food , they started chatting . 


        ' Hi , Juliet . You look so stunning today ! ' said Joon Fong ( my grandfather ) with excited voice . 

       ' Thank you , you look so smart today also . Do you like this restaurant ?  Thanks for writing me the letter . You are my first boyfriend . I hope you can always be serious . ' answered by Juliet with seriously face . 

       'Yes , I love it so much . That's sure . I am always be serious at every time . HaHaha ! Let's eat now ! said my grandfather with a steady face . 

      They had a sumptuous dinner together . The woman was smiling every time at that beautiful night . They chatted happily . After the dinner , they went to a nearby lake . They enjoyed looking the lake . It was so romantic . ( Of course , you will know . If you have experienced ) 

      My grandfather sent her to her house by his Ducati . That's quite popular and cool in before. 

     The woman hugged my grandfather tightly when my grandfather was driving his cool Ducati . The woman enjoyed the speed of the Ducati .After a while,  my grandfather reached her house . Before saying good bye , the woman gave him a fantastic kiss . My grandfather's brain could not function as normal in a sudden . ( You can see that in drama especially Korean drama ).


      That night was the first dating they experienced .







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