Wolfs moon

Wolfs moon is about the queen of the werewolfs wolfy mark her mother and father were killed by vampire when she was young she falls inlove with the princes of the werewolf fang and Alexandra want to rad there love forever


2. chapter two not love

He had black shot hair scars all over his body,one eye was red and the left one was blue.I looked up at him,he never smiles at me to be wife and have a family with. What a jackass he was, "am going to walk you home" he said taking my arm and walking out of school.i just hate him sometimes. We were in his car taking me home not. "Wolfy we have to talk" he said stopping at his house." Wait you said I was going home" I said mad at him." I lied...come inside I live alone"he said opening the car door door for me.In the town of blood wood it never is sunny it's always cloudy. We were in the living room sitting next to the fire place."live with me wolfy"he asked me smiling for the first time.i hugged him and said "yes sweet Alexander I will". "Am happy"he said we run to his bedroom and locked the door.

The next morning

I wake up to the sun covers by clodes. I look and I was next to the men I love Alexandra my king.

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