Wolfs moon

Wolfs moon is about the queen of the werewolfs wolfy mark her mother and father were killed by vampire when she was young she falls inlove with the princes of the werewolf fang and Alexandra want to rad there love forever


3. chapter three fang

"Good morning wolfy" he said looking down at me "good morning love" I said smiling. I look and it was 8:30 AM "we're going to be late for school" I jumped out of bed but my lover stopped me." We are getting married today" he telled me with a smile. But I felt I was in love with someone Elsa from my past bit who."I will make you some blood tea ok"he telled me that then when he closed the door behide him. I looked out the window and sees him kissing my best friend robin and they maded love.i run out the back door and run into the woods and can't top. Then I hit someone and fall on my ass."am so sorry are you alright"a mans voice said to me I looked up and it was my old friend fang knight my first love. But fang was king of the vampires."wolfy"fang said holding me in his arms. "My boyfriend chased on me with my best friend" I yelled at him."wolfy come back with me back to Romania"he said fang kissing me."and be my queen he said happy. I looked at him and said "yes I will my love" fang put the ring on my finger."I promise I will never hurt you wolfy you have my word"fang said to me. I start to close my eyes and I can feel fang taking me on a plane back to Romania.

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