It Started At Starbucks

Liam Payne fan fic


2. Their House

Liams POV.


Yes we got them, we got Hannah and Mollie we had a crush on them in 8th grade. Do they remember? We got them to our house which is almost a homerun they just have to agree do date us


Hannahs POV.


I've dreamed of this moment but I also knew that they have like us in the 8th grade and we also had a crush on them but it never happened. I know their little plan we are just gonna be a one night stand and then get pushed away and to them we will be just two fans. I wonder if that even is their plan or do they actually love us? We sat down on the couch when they said " Wanna watch a movie?" Mollie being the person she is says yes and I just shrugged. Liam shouted " TOY STORY MARATON!" loud enough to be heard miles away.He put in Toy Story and sat down right next to me we were so close that a piece of paper couldn't fit between us and Niall did the same with Mollie. Maybe they do like us or why would they sit SO close. We got through ALL the toy stories when Liam asked me........

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