It Started At Starbucks

Liam Payne fan fic


1. Starbucks

 Hannahs POV. 

I was at Starbucks in the U.K after a One Direction concert. Mollie and I are huge fans, she loves Niall and I (of course) love Liam. I ordered a Vanilla Bean frappe and Mollie ordered the same with 2 squirts of raspberry. All the sudden we hear girls screaming their fucking heads of when a black Audi pulled up. I said "Hey isn't that Harry's Audi" Mollie just nodded. Just then Liam and Niall walked over ( In my dreams lol - I_<3_Liam_Payne) and asked if they could sit there we just nodded trying not to fan-girl. Why would they our dream guys sit right next to us. They talked along time before saying something which was "Hey you two want to go to our place". We said " Sure just let us finish" at the same time.



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