It Started At Starbucks

Liam Payne fan fic


4. Liam?

Hannahs POV I woke to light shining through the window, I rolled over expecting Liam right next to me but he wasn't there. I jumped up and kept saying ''Liam"? but no answer. I ran around the hotel room but he wasn't anywhere. I saw a note on the door that said: Dear Hannah, If you want Liam Payne to live you will be my girlfriend again. From Your Ex, Logan(If you want a different name plz comment I just put a random name-Author) No this can't be I loved Logan but he started to be more of a jerk. Fuck I must go back to Logan, Liam has a band. A/N Sorry for all the short chapters- Author P.S I am keeping my name secret.
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