It Started At Starbucks

Liam Payne fan fic


3. Is this a dream (16+)

Hannahs POV.

Liam asked me "wanna go somewhere private" with that he dragged me out of the house and into to his car blindfolded. From movies I know I'm either being kidnapped or being dragged to a hotel room either way its creepy. I suddenly was lifted bridal style out of his car and into a building. I overheard Liam asking for a room key. I was right I'm in a fucking hotel with Liam fucking Payne. I was lifted up again and I heard lots of dings until the elevator I'm guessing stopped. I was put down on what I'm assuming is a bed and unblindfolded. I looked around and sure enough I was in a Hotel room with Liam standing in front of me in his boxers. He walked over and pulled off my shirt. Then pants. Well then I'm guessing we are going to have sex. He jumped on top of me and started planted kisses up and down my body not hitting my weak spot thank the lord. Then my bra was off and he was moving lower till he got to my panties. Really Liam really. Off they went and he stood up pulling down his boxers revealing his dick and put on a condom from his pocket of the jeans laying on the floor. And he was back on top of me  thrusting two fingers in and out of me making me moan and he just smirked. Then I said " Aren't you gonna even ask if I want to do this" "Do you" "Yes" with that he proceeded thrusting his fingers in and out of me really fast. Suddenly he stopped and lined his dick up with me and thrusted in and out making me dig my nails in his back. He kissed my shoulder blade making me moan louder then ever and arch my back. I felt his smirk on my skin dang you Liam Payne you found my weak spot 





Hey I'm gonna continue this chpt. tomorrow if possible

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