It Started At Starbucks

Liam Payne fan fic


7. (16+)

Logans POV

My uncle is walking towards us naked. He stop right by Hannah so I said " Hannah go on your hands and knees and suck his dick and when he cums swallow it" she nodded I finally get my Hannah back. She started to suck my uncles dick I climbed and top of her and thrusted in her making her moan. " Babe your moans are soooooo sexy" I whispered in her ear. I started to cum and so did my uncle she swallowed his cum and backed away from him. He said " Nice job honey. Logan I might have to have sex with her one day she's quite a catch." He went over and pulled his pants up and walked out the door "Babe I won't let him have sex with you. Sucking his dick was only a punishment." "Loggey please don't let him I would rather do stuff with you. Would you be my boyfriend again I relized I missed you?" " Sure thing babe but if I'm your boyfriend we are going to be having A LOT of sex and go to A LOT of clubs ok?" Hannah nodding and cuddled up with my and said "Do you want to go to a club right now. Its 9:00?"  " Sure babe but we're showering first...... together" "Ok lets go!" she ran in the bathroom and turned on the showering saying " Loggey coming?" "Yeah"

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