I was born blind i felt so horrible i wish so many times i could see but i couldn't i was going to have surgery but my parents could not pay for it now im 19 years old still blind and my parents are now dead i live alone i am alone until i met them....


1. Blind

Chloe's Story) So well i was born blind it was...lets say this...horrible. During the school years i had to go to a special school for the blind and death. When you are blind you have to learn how to listen to your surroundings and pay attention to everything around you. For 19 years i have only listened I havent felt loved for 3 years my parents died from sickness when i was 16 i wasnt ready at all but they left i live alone and all I really have is my dog. And that all changed today.

It all started as a regular day of walking with my dog through the park . I could tell it was a cloudly day from the gray blurr in the sky it smelt like rain and freashly cut grass as we walked it started to sprinkel. I kept walking thinking it would stop but it didnt it just got harder isnt that just nice for a walk....Great! i was stuck in the rain with my shivering dog. I stared to walk back it got to heavy i was shaking and i couldnt feel my fingers then suddenly i heard a car drive up and the door slam at first i was kinda freaked as my dog stared to growl and bark. Then i heard the soothing sound of a deep british voice asking "loved would you like a ride? Its to cold out for you to be walking alone with this thin sweater" he sounded so sweet."Umm no im fine i could walk besides i dont know you please get away from me ..." i coughed and walked along but he followed "please love i wont hurt you im not that kind of person just come on you dont want to get sick dont you?" i coughed and turned to him.

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