Maybe Dreams do Come True

(This is the sequel to I must be dreaming, so read that first! :)) Sometimes, dreams can become a reality. But for Tori, things weren't always the same as she thought. What if her feelings were deeper down, her heart exploding with emotions, as her dreams come true, just not in the way she planned.


2. Staring contest

I think I stood there for thirty seconds staring at David. He was probably really creeped out by me, but I didn't care. I need to know why he keeps appearing everywhere. But the thing was, he was staring at me, too. Oh god, he thinks I'm a stalker now, and he might just tell the whole school about it. I can't wait! Note the sarcasm.

We were both interrupted when Katelyn said, "Now I know what love at first sight looks like." "Oh," I had to think of an excuse. "Um, I'm sorry Katelyn, but that's just my new way of saying hi to people."  "By having a staring contest?" she questioned me. "Yeah." Worst excuse ever.

When I sat down, I suddenly remembered that I needed to tell Katelyn about my dream. The only problem was, I couldn't tell my dream to Katelyn with David around. "So Tori, you mind telling us about your crazy dream? I'm sure David would love to hear about it too." Katelyn spoke up. I gave her my evil glare, but she didn't seem to notice.

"Well, it's actually not that important now that I think about it." I said. "Well, okay. Hey, is my mom still giving you a ride to my house after school?" Katelyn asked. I was about to speak, but David interrupted me.

"Do you mind if I come?" Katelyn and I both looked at David, and our faces probably looked like we just found a cat under the ocean. "I'm not trying to be rude, but why?" I asked him. "Well, you guys are the only people I know at this school, and it's better than unpacking boxes with my mom all night."

"Maybe he would like to come to the concert with us too," I whispered sarcastically to Katelyn. She didn't move, she only spoke, "I'm sorry David. I don't think you would like to come to a One Direction concert with us." "You are right about that. I've always had a problem with that Harry guy. What was his last name again? I don't know, they all have weird last names." David explained. "It's Styles," I said angrily, then I started eating my lunch, fighting the urge to chop David's head off.

A few minutes of awkward silence passed, until I remembered that I still have to answer Katelyn. "Oh yeah, Katelyn... I kinda have detention after school today..." "WHAT? BUT WE HAVE TO GET READY FOR THE CONCERT AFTER SCHOOL TODAY!" That's when Ms. Holly walked by us. "Well then tell her to stay in her seat and wait for my dismissal when the bell rings." Then she walked away.

"I've always hated Ms. Holly." Katelyn barely even whispered to herself.


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