Maybe Dreams do Come True

(This is the sequel to I must be dreaming, so read that first! :)) Sometimes, dreams can become a reality. But for Tori, things weren't always the same as she thought. What if her feelings were deeper down, her heart exploding with emotions, as her dreams come true, just not in the way she planned.


7. One Direction Hug!

I looked away from the two boys and smirked. I could actually make this happen! Katelyn and I were still going to the meet and greet after the concert so I would be able to see Harry and Niall again, and most likely get their number...

I did feel bad for Louis though, Katelyn was probably freaking him out.

"So ladies." Louis spoke up.

"Yes Louis?" Katelyn said, trying to contain her excitement.

"Are you guys coming to the meet and greet after the concert?" Louis asked.

In the corner of my eye I saw Niall and Harry crossing their fingers. I laughed and said, "Yeah, so I guess I'll see you guys after the concert." I looked at Harry and Niall, and they were pumping their fists in the air whispering, "Yes!"

Katelyn knew what I was doing, so she pushed me towards them. "Before I go, can I get a hug?" I asked Harry and Niall innocently. I barely even got to finish my sentence as I was engulfed in a huge bear hug. Katelyn and the rest of the boys joined in, so the entire audience said, "AWWWWWWWW!"

Katelyn and I left the stage, and I could tell that Niall and Harry were going to be looking at me the whole concert.

I was wrong, only during their solos.



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