Maybe Dreams do Come True

(This is the sequel to I must be dreaming, so read that first! :)) Sometimes, dreams can become a reality. But for Tori, things weren't always the same as she thought. What if her feelings were deeper down, her heart exploding with emotions, as her dreams come true, just not in the way she planned.


13. Moms Don't Make Anything Better

"Who was that love?" Harry asked me. The expression on his face told me that he knew it was Niall. Was I going to tell him the truth though? Of course not!

"It was just Katelyn. She wanted to go shopping tomorrow, so I figured I could just get out of the house for a few hours." I'm surprised he actually bought it. His expression changed and I figured that this would be the time to ask, "Why, who did you think it was?" "Never mind. I'll call you later." Harry said almost stubbornly. He kissed my cheek and walked off.

I stood in the rain, watching as Harry got into the limo, then it drove off. As soon as it turned the corner, I ran into the house, sighing of relief, to find my mom sitting on the chair by the window, reading. I have that feeling, though, that she saw and heard everything that happened out there.

"Now why would you lie to THE Harry Styles? I know when you are lying sweetheart, I am your mother. I just want to know why, so don't get mad and storm off to your room as usual." She patted the empty space on the chair next to her, motioning for me to sit down.

"Sooo..." I started off. "How was work?"

"Work was normal. Now why, Tori Elle Quinn, would you lie to a nice celebrity crush of yours over something incredibly stupid like cheating on him with his bandmate?"  My mother's voice was raising and her accent was really showing, which only happened when she was frightened or enraged about something. Just to let you know, I was never the cause of that.

"Wait, how did you know that it was his bandmate calling me?" I asked. Was this a joke or something? "Once he called," her voice was settling down, "you faced the window and mouthed, 'Niall,' which only means that Niall Horan from that boyband of yours called you."

The room fell silent for a moment before she decided to speak again, "This is probably going to end up like Romeo and Juliet. I don't want harmless people killing themselves over you, Tori. You better be careful, are you doing this because you don't know who to choose?" Wow, nice way to put it mom, my dream is actually coming true, but in the way I didn't want it to. Moms don't make anything better.



Hey guys! Wow, that must be heartbreaking to know that Tori's semi-awful dream is coming true! Well, it doesn't seem to be coming true yet, but it's getting close. Anyways, sorry for the short and kind of boring chapter, but I just couldn't really think of anything. I'm hoping that the next chapter won't be as boring, because it's time for Nandos with Niall! Anyways, don't forget to like, favorite, and comment! XOXO, Samantha <3

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