Maybe Dreams do Come True

(This is the sequel to I must be dreaming, so read that first! :)) Sometimes, dreams can become a reality. But for Tori, things weren't always the same as she thought. What if her feelings were deeper down, her heart exploding with emotions, as her dreams come true, just not in the way she planned.


21. Chaos at the Mall / IMPORTANT A/N!!!!!


Tori's POV

So if you were ever wondering what happened the rest of that day when Katelyn and I were watching Disney movies, Erika called us. Katelyn didn't want to answer because she didn't want to upset me. But of course, I made her call Erika back.


E- Hello? Katelyn?

K- Hey! You called me earlier?

E- Yeah, actually. I just wanted to say that I broke up with Harry. He would be better off with Tori. Well, that's what I think.

Katelyn looked at me and smiled, and since Erika was on speaker I could hear her as well.

K- Do you actually want to come with Tori and I to the mall on Friday?

E- Can I invite Sereen?

K- Sure, I'll see you Friday!


Katelyn and I are on our way to the mall where we are going to meet the girls. And of course, One Direction HAD TO release some new songs recently, so they had to be all over my favorite radio stations. WHY??????

Katelyn was ignoring the fact that I could not stand to even listen to them, so she was singing along. I tried turning the radio off a few times, but that would never work when I was with Katelyn.

We FINALLY got to the mall, so I didn't have to listen to One Direction again. Once we open the doors to the huge mall, all I see is a crowd of people around the food court and all I hear is, "One Direction!" "One Direction!" In all different directions. Perfect, just what I wanted to hear! One Direction!

Katelyn noticed the expression on my face very quickly and tried to get me out, but I just wanted to see what was going on, so I faced my fear and walked towards the huge crowd.

It took me awhile, but I got to the front with some bruised ribs, stomped on feet, slap marks on my face and arms, and ripped clothes from the vicious, animal-like girls. I'm glad I don't act like this.

I was spotted very quickly by Erika, getting very bored of watching Sereen and Niall eating some ice cream together. She ran over to me and started apologizing.

"I am so so soooo sorry Tori! I told Sereen about the mall but I didn't even realize the boys were in the room with her. They all wanted to come, and I just couldn't stop them!"

By then Harry had found us. He started apologizing to me as well. I just couldn't take it. I tried to get back into the crowd so that I could leave the mall, but they were all interested in the situation we were in, so they wouldn't let us leave until we worked through what was happening. Lets just say that day was some chaos at the mall.



Hey guys! I think I have already told you this, but I feel like nobody is reading my stories anymore! I am getting no new likes, comments, favorites, and even reads! This makes me not want to update!!!!!!!! So, I am thinking about either deleting this story, or getting proof that people are actually reading it. And if you guys don't like the story you know you can tell me. So I am just letting you guys know before I actually delete the story. I really love it, and what's the point of having it up if nobody is going to enjoy it but me? Just sayin...

And no I'm not going to end my author's note with what I usually end it with.









JUST KIDDING!!!!!! (About the ending of the authors note)

XOXO, Samantha <3


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