Dance Dirty

Aspen "Breezy" is not like any other girl on the street. She is your typical teen age girl from a very respected who follows the rules or she will lose the one thing she loves most: dancing. What will happen when she sneaks out to go clubbing? What will happen when strange boy and her share a dance? Will it change her whole life?


1. Trust Me

Breezy's P.O.V.



It was like the music was running through my body. The bouncing beat was making my body twitch because I wanted to be out there so bad. The lights were flashing and clashing through the cluster of bodies ahead of me. The rhyme was so fast pace and people crashed into bodies even if they didn't know them.


I looked over at Jazzy who had a huge smile on her face. We were both under age but she pulled strings to get us in here. She looked at me with her big doe green eyes then took my arm. We ran out into the crowd and started grinding with each other. It was her goal to attract someone older. I watched the people around us. Several guys were watching us as they drank their fruity drinks. One of the guys watched her very well though.


He was sitting on a bar stool running his finger along the rim of his drink. His eyes were set on Jazzy though. His big, dark eyes. I got a weird vibe off of him but from what Jazzy was doing, he was perfect.


This was the first time ever Jazzy had convinced me to sneak out of my house to go clubbing with her. My parents had always said she was a bad influence and I always said she wasn't even though she really was. She had crazy red locks that made it all the way to her back, doe green eyes, puffy perky lips that pouted out just right for the guys, a short body with perfect amount of boobs that I lacked, and a perfect bum. Everything about Jazzy was perfect besides her reputation. Which was all true.


Jazzy was everything I wanted to be. She was wild with no worries. She could hook up with anyone she wanted at anytime. I've always wanted to be out there like her. One night stands, drinking, and dancing what I wanted to dance.


Before I knew it, Jazzy was dancing on top of the man. Her lips were on a fruity drink. She let out a woot then started dancing dirty again leaving me alone. I didn't mind though. I swung my hips to the beat along with letting my arms drift above my head. The bodies around me were closing in tighter and tighter. It was time to get out before I was dancing on top of someone.


Just as I was about to get out of the crowd, someone grabbed my waist. It was a guy in a black hood. The only part of his face I could see was his lips. He pulled me in close and waited. I pushed away from him but he pulled me back with his strong arms.


"Trust me," He whispered in my ear, "I'm going to teach you how to dance dirty."

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