Dance Dirty

Aspen "Breezy" is not like any other girl on the street. She is your typical teen age girl from a very respected who follows the rules or she will lose the one thing she loves most: dancing. What will happen when she sneaks out to go clubbing? What will happen when strange boy and her share a dance? Will it change her whole life?


2. Earth to Breezy

Breezy's P.O.V.


I couldn't stop thinking about the boy I danced with. He was actually really good. His rhyme matched mine perfectly and our bodies were perfect for each other. I fitted into him like a puzzle piece. He was very tall and lean but muscles in the perfect places. He would place his hands on my hips then slide them down to my thighs or up to under my sports bra I was wearing that night. The club was for break dancers so it was okay not to be all dressy like some clubs Jazzy went to.


We grinded most of the night but by the end before I left we started to put our own spin on the place. People stopped dancing to watch us move. We were all over the place. I wasn't the best break dancer but people didn't seem to notice. They were mostly watching him. He was a mystery with his dark clothes and hood covering his face besides his lower lip and chin. His moves were fast paced and perfect. He moved so well but we both seemed to move better together.


Just as things were getting really good, Jazzy grabbed my bare arm and dragged me out of the club. My eyes watched the guy as he tried to catch up but he was stopped by a bottle head blond with a perfect ass. I knew it was too good to be true. He would just find the next best thing even though I wasn't even close.


"Earth to Breezy! Wake up!" I head my friend, Paris, said snapping her fingers in my face.


I was at dance practice working on my show case piece that I would do at the end of the year. It would help me get sponsors for my dance career when I graduate high school in another year. Senior year couldn't come fast enough.


I pulled my shoulder length dark chocolate brown hair into a messy bun then stood up to get back to work. I hit the music but suddenly stopped it when Director Collins walked in with a tall guy behind her. She was talking as she walked down the aisle then up the stairs to the stage.


"This is our second theater where kids practice their pieces whether its music or dance. Oh-" She paused looking at Paris, Jonathan, Patrick, and me. "I didn't know anyone would be up here but this is great. This is a new student of ours Seth Bennett. I hope you make him feel welcome to our school.


Seth gave me a smile or maybe he gave everyone a smile. I didn't know. But that smile. It looked so familiar and it gave me butterflies. What was wrong with me? I just met this kid. But maybe, I've seen him before..





Hey Guys!!


I just wanna know what you think so far! I love comments and leave as much as you want. Do you think Seth is the mystery guy or maybe is it someone else? I guess we will all see! I hope you enjoy this story:D

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