"Tell me one good thing about death, Harry Styles, please, enlighten me," I snap, and the words tumble out of my mouth maybe a little more harsh than expected.
"Well, Beth, when you die, you will be free. You will be free from every care, and every evil thing. You'll be free from the pain in your head, Love, and the pain I've caused you. You will be free when you die, Beth, free like a wildflower."


1. 1

The curtains fluttered as the soft, warm summer breeze drifted in through the crack of the bay window. The sound of birds chirping filled my ears, and the pain in my head began pulsing. I do not think it ever stopped burning, heating my head and pricking my flesh with small imaginary needles, it was just now that I realized. I guess I was used to the pain, the pain was my friend, and I liked it.


The bed was cold, and empty, and sometimes I wish I had someone to fill the gap between me and the cliff to the floor. But instead I have a pile of blankets, keeping me warm and in place in my spot next to the wall, and it was good enough for me. The pain in my head, began radiating through my limbs, making every nerve pinch, as a small quiver went through my body.


As I lifted myself off the cliff and mountainous heap of pillows and blankets, and carried my heavy, aching body to the bathroom. I flung open the medicine cabinet, literally flung it open, I don't know how it still has hinges on it, I grabbed the ibuprofen. I twisted my fingers around the small white cap, trying to remove it to relive my head, but as I almost had it, a flash of pain conducted through every inch of my body, and I dropped the small capsule, spilling my relief all over the floor.


"Fuck!" I spit, falling to my knees. And as I see the small white pills scattered across the hard linoleum, looking like little water pellets, I think to myself about what my mother would think, if she came in here to see this mess, but I pushed it to the back of my head and grabbed one little white water pellet.


After I relived myself with my little pellet, I go to my closet. Looking through the many clothes, stuffed on the rack in my closet, I can't seem to find one thing to wear to my doctors appointment. I decide to make the most of going to the doctors and leave the house in my soft pajamas.


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