Blood Saver

*Red Hero, Protector, Defender, Fighter this is book #5*
Something wasn't right. My stomach has been hurting more than ever and I've been vomiting more than ever. As I walked out of the bathroom my legs grew weak and I fell to the ground. Liam rushed over to me. "Baby what's wrong?"He asked. I think I already knew.....
Shianne and Liam have been married. Everything is great except that Cyberious wants Shianne changed. Or she needed to die. But what happens when she gets the unexpected? Something Liam's been trying to forbid, Something that makes Shianne and Liam closer, Something that's so dangerous it could be death itself? A baby.


7. It's just a little pain. What could go wrong?

Shianne's POV: I woke up around 10:30. It was so lonely here without Liam. I don't like this at all. Cassie doesn't answer to my calls anymore, Bern left for a few days now the only people here for me to hang out with are Megan and Katelyn. I guess I'll go see them later. Hopefully they aren't busy. I sighed and crawled out of the bed and made my way into the closet and I got dressed. I went downstairs and pulled out an apple out of the pantry. I nibbled down on it and soon enough, a sharp pain hit my lower stomach making me drop my apple falling to the floor. I winced in pain and held my stomach. I opened my eyes as I felt it slowly fade away. I breathed heavily as I got up. I picked up my apple and washed it off and took another bite of it. The pain came back. I cried out and threw my apple down as if it was the most horrifying thing I ever seen. I waited for the pain to go away. I decided I wasn't hungry today. Ugh I should call Liam and tell him what's going on with me. I dialed his number and waited for his phone to ring. I heard another ringing coming from the living room. Dammit he left his phone home. I sighed hanging up and I set my phone down. I walked into the living room and flicked on the television turning it right back off. I was so bored. And somehow I just pretended like everything is alright when I collapsed on to the floor. I have to be strong. Stay strong. I got up and walked back to the kitchen for my phone. I had to tell someone about this. I called Megan. No answer. Katelyn's phone was shut off. I didn't want to bother any of the boys so there was only one person left to call-Harry. Would he even answer if I called? I decided to dial anyway. I waited for the ringing and there was an answer. "Hello?"His deep malicious voice filled my ears. "Hi."I said. "Shianne? Since when do you call me?"He asked. "Look, I know this seems a bit to much coming from. Me. I know we never had the brightest history but Liam left his phone home and no one will answer me and I need help."I said. "Hold on a minute." There was some footsteps and a closing of a door. "Sorry I didn't want Cassie to know it was you."He said. I paused. "Why wouldn't she want to know it was me?"I asked. "Well, you aren't the biggest person on her list right now."Harry said. "Why?"I asked completely forgetting why I called in the first place. "It's hard to explain."He said. "I HAVE TIME TO HEAR IT HARRY!"I yelled out of nowhere. Suddenly all this rage and anger took over me. "Alright calm down Shianne. She just hates having to protect  you all the time. Having to listen to you bitch or something like that. Listen to your sob stories. I don't know what's fully going on in her head."He said. I suddenly broke down in tears. "She really thinks these things?"I sobbed. "I guess."He said. "OK never mind what I had to say then."I cried and I hung up. I threw my phone down onto the ground and ran upstairs in to my bedroom. I fell against the mattress and laid my face down in to the pillow letting out all these tears that escaped. When do I ever bitch, or make up sob stories? Anger striked me again and I threw everything off my bed screaming about how much she's the bitch. About how I needed her as a friend and she goes and does this to me. I skidded down the wall and just cried. What the hell is going on with me today? I hugged my knees tightly close to my chest and that pain came back. I pretty much stopped hugging my legs and I laid down on the ground groaning. I felt like I was being kicked and that there were bruises on me. I felt like I was being constantly being bruised and beaten. Just by this pain that would hit me. I cried out hoping someone could help me but nothing answered. I was alone. But it was something I'm used to. I waited for the pain to go away and I picked everything up I made a mess of and took a deep breath. I just wish Liam were here to comfort me and help me. Then I realized I am everything Cassie said. I whine, I can't do anything on my own, I'm stubborn and maybe I do bitch. How the hell did Liam end up with a sob story like me? I heard my phone ring and I got up and went downstairs to see who was calling. I picked up my phone. Spencer. I answered it. "Hello?"I asked. I was surprised to hear Liam's warm voice. "Hey baby."Liam said. I smiled. "Hi Liam."I said. "I miss you."He said. "I miss you more."I played. "I miss you mostly."He said. "Hey Harry called and and said you needed help with something. What's wrong baby?"He asked. I froze and stuttered on my uhm. "Shi are you okay?"Liam asked. "Y-y-yea."I lied. "Don't lie to me love."He said. I could feel a tear leave my face. "I just, I can't eat."I said. "What do you mean you can't eat?"Liam asked. "My stomach gives me pain every time I try to eat something."I whispered. "Do you need me to come home?"Liam asked. "No no. Don't ruin your trip because of me."I said. "I'll be fine."I told him. "Are you sure?"He asked. "Yea."I said to him. "OK as long as you're OK. I have to go alright. I love you."He said. "I love you too."I smiled. I said my goodbyes and hung up. I'm going to stay strong and fight whatever this is. 


A/N: hmmmmmm what's gonna happen next?

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