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Everyone knows me as Luke Hemming's sister, most of my friends knows me as the dare devil. What happens when annoying One Direction comes into my life and I fall for one? Read to find out..


3. Leaving

Paige's POV

I wake up from the screaming of my mom to get my ass up. This is the mother I miss the rude, bitchy one. I finally get out of bed and take a nice hot shower. I come out wrapped in with a towel wrapped around myself. I decide to wear my high waisted jeans and a batman crop top. I applied bb cream , blush , mascara , and eye liner before I left my asshole of a mother. I made sure I had packed everything and walked downstairs with my 3 suitcases. Luke & Ashton were already downstairs waiting for me to come down. When we finished putting everything in the car, Luke said bye to mom and so did Ashton. I didn't give a shit about her, as she was crying, or as you can say fake crying that bitch has all of the tricks up her sleeve. When we got to their house the boys were still packing, by boys I mean gay direction. By the looks of it when I left they got drunk. Looking at all of their wasted faces, and their bad hangovers. They all turned to me and just noticed I was there.

"Hello love" Louis says.

"Vas happenin' " Zayn says.

"Hey beautiful" Harry says.

I blush , wait I cannot blush god dammit Harry fucking styles.

Niall & Liam stay quiet. I wonder what's wrong with them. We're getting on the bus and I notice that I got on the wrong bus, and the driver has already driving. I sigh, until I notice there are only 5 bunks my luck. I guess I'll sleep on the couch, I think they all notice what I'm doing and Niall finally pipes up,

"Hey what are you doing?"

"No more bunks I'll just sleep here."

"Just pick one of us to sleep with."

I sigh. I chose the bottom left bunk, I notice it's Nialls I smile to myself, knowing that I think he's cute even though I think they're secretly gay. I think Niall notices my small smile and pulls on a smirk. I check the time and notice it's only 6:49. I decide to give Luke a call.

L- Luke

P- Paige

"hey" L

"heey" P

"I think you got on the wrong bus" L

"I'm sure I noticed", I laugh . P

"Ha, so why'd you call" L

"I just wanted to know how long were on the bus" P

"I think about 12 hours" L

"Ugh, well I'm going to bed g-night" P

"This early?" L

"Yeah, not really feeling well. love you!" P

"Alright feel better. Love you paige" L

And with that I hung up. I change into my onesie, brush my teeth, and put my hair up. I get into bed and a couple minutes later I feel a pair of arms around my waist. I turn and see Niall already falling asleep. He's so cute. I shift into a more comfortable position and lay my head on his chest and fall asleep.

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