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Everyone knows me as Luke Hemming's sister, most of my friends knows me as the dare devil. What happens when annoying One Direction comes into my life and I fall for one? Read to find out..


1. Drunk

I felt like tell you about the main character so here ya go!(:



Her best friends are Austin Mahone and The Janoskians (especially beau)

She's 17 , turning 18 in a few months

She has long brown wavy hair.


She hates One Direction

Luke Hemmings is her twin brother (fraternal twins)

She has blue eyes

Her idol is Ariana Grande

Paige's POV

I'm walking home coming from the bar because my stupid ass friends wanted to go and ditched me. You can say I'm pretty drunk still and can't process things well. But I have a feeling someone's following me. I turned around and somebody puts a bag over my head and the next thing I know I blackout .. Or at least they think I do. When they put me in the back and get in the car they burst out laughing .

"You should have seen her face mate!" One said .

"It was priceless!" Another said.

Wait! I recognize these voices.

"It was the funniest thing ever!"

"Shut up Harry, I still feel like this was a bad idea"

"Liam, your the one who dared us to" Harry said. So they're the guys who did it, the one and only One Direction. Yay! God could my night be any worse. So they take me back to their place and right when we enter I kneed whoever was caring me and stabbed the guy behind him with my house key. They fell to the ground in pain. I noticed then it was my brother and his best mate Ashton. I help up a still bleeding Luke, and a lower area injured Ashton. Then they notice it's me. Their eyes-widened as if they seen an alien. The first thing Luke does is scream at me

"WHY DO YOU SMELL LIKE ALCOHOL!" typical brother.

"For my defense you were the ones kidnapping kids" I said.

That's when One Direction walks in and all stare at me like I'm crazy.

"Do you guys know her?" Louis said.

"Yeah she's Luke's twin sister" Ashton says. They look at me again but more thoroughly. I notice pretty boy over her is checking me out and is staring at my cleavage right now.

"Hey Harry eyes up here!" I said.

He turned a bright shade of pink. Luke glared at him, I was smirking inside.

"Do you wanna go home or stay the night with us?" Luke said with a you-better-go-home face. "I have nothing to wear" I say.

"You can borrow some of our clothes" Calum said. God they were so quiet I didn't even know him and Michael were here.


"Ill give you some clothes c'mon" Michael said, at the same time was motioning for me to follow him upstairs. I did as he said and followed up he gave me some basketball shorts and a big t-shirt once we reached his room. I went to the bathroom and changed, as I was changing I noticed all my scars fading. Your probably wondering what I mean by scars, I used to cut when Luke left for 5SOS because I was so alone and I got bullied then I changed myself once I noticed cutting really wasn't helping. I died my hair and got a belly piercing, and 3 tattoos. A infinity sign with the words stay strong on the lines on my wrist, two dolphins with a heart in between them next to my hip bone, and a anchor on my ankle. I still can't believe Luke hasn't noticed them and he's been home for a week. Whatever I guess I was in here for about 10 minuted staring at myself till Luke called and told me to hurry up. I quickly put on my clothes and put my hair in a high ponytail. I grabbed all of my stuff and walked out. They had started truth or dare, great.

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