Life of me


1. chapter one

Gurr I'm gunna be late to class. RINGG. scratch that I am late.

"Is there a reason your late tori?"

" i missed the bus."

" Very well get to your seat."



Ug I got on the bus and went to the adoption center wear I live and as I was getting off some one tripped me.

"Oh look the poor little orphan girl fell." Said the most hated girl in school.

I quickly got off and went to my room I have my own 'cause no one wants to share with me.

I started to get out my I pod when our 'mother' the gal that owns the place came in and said there's some one here to adopt a girl my age. I gust looked at her and she got the hint that I did not want to be adopted and left me.

I put in my head phones and played 5sos (five seconds of summer) and about a minute in to the song some one taped on my shoulder.

" Hello my name is Anne I would love to adopt you." Her sweet voice rang though my ears.

"um you are?"

"yes is that ok with you?"

"ya that would be ok."


at home

"Tori this is Gemma my eldest daughter."

"Nice to meet you Gemma." i said shaking her hand.

"nice to meet you too Tori."

"um tori harry, my son will be here tomorrow."

"y-your son?"

"Yes. do you have a troubled past with men?"

"um ya my fother used to beat me and i have never liked men sence."

"thats not good but i promise harry wouldnt hurt a fly and nether would the rest of his band."


"yes hes in the band One Direction. and his band mates are going to be here tomorrow or tonight."


"lets go to your room sweet haert."

"well tori this is your new room ill take you shoping for new cloths tomorrow and we can get things to decorate your room."


"um you should get in the shower and meet us down stares in about an hour for dinner."



i took a shower and got in my fave jammies. then i went down stares to eat dinner and to my surprise there was five men there. they quickly whipped my head around to look at me, me being the chicken i am i ran quickly up to my room and locked the door behind me and started balling.


me and my younger sister were in my room playing with barbies and my mom burst though the door crying and said ' come on girls were leaving.' my father then came in, he smelt of beer and smoke. he said ' you leave you all die!' but mom didnt listen and she grabed some bags from under the bed and rushed us out.

we were living the perfect life then one day my dad set our house on fire, then kiddnapt me and my lill sis. he killed her when we got to his house. but he rapped and abused me. then the police came and took me to a foster home.


i got out of my gase with a knock on the door to my room

" Come i-in." my voice cracked

" honey are you ok?"

"ya im fine."

"well come eat when your redy."


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