Evelyn Rae Swan is Bella Swan's cousin. She's been thrown into a magical, mystical world since birth. After Bella changed and had Renesmee, trouble finds Evelyn. She is sent to live with her uncle. Love and a power-hungry vampire awaits her arrival in Forks.


3. Two

It was 5:30pm by the time I woke up and showered. I quickly got dressed, packed my overnight bag I found in the back of the Jeep, checked out of the hotel, and continued on the road to Forks. If traffic was alright I should arrive at Charlie’s place somewhere around 11:00pm. I yawned as I turned onto the interstate. Five-and-a-half hours of sleep is not enough for me, but I really just want to be off the road and in Forks. In a house with somebody to keep me company. Someone to prevent the nightmare from last night from coming back.


The room was pitch black. It was cold and I felt like I was alone. “Hello…?” I cried out. There was no response. I tried again, “Hello?” Off in the distance, a faint light started to glow. Feeling a little brave, I slowly walked toward the light. Each step I took, the more of a sinking feeling I felt. I didn’t know why. I noticed some figures laying on the ground. Curiously, I got closer. I froze and my hands went straight to my mouth to stop the scream from escaping my lips. Blood was smeared all around the bodies. The bodies were all mangled and beat up but I could still tell who they were. Greg and Dad were on the bottom, Mom was slumped over Greg and Carter’s body was torn a few feet away from Dad. I slowly looked up to see Charlie’s limp figure drained and something was holding Bella. She struggled to get free but the thing snapped her neck and dropped her. I let out a faint scream and it looked up at me. I recognized the face and the scent, fear building up more intensely now. I slowly backed up as the vampire made it’s way toward me. Something cold gripped my shoulders, hard, causing me to gasp in pain. Looking behind me, I saw another vampire. This one had a little blood trickling down from his mouth. He grinned and whispered menacingly, “Your ours.” I tried to pull myself away but he lunged for my neck.


I gasped, shaking my head and trying to erase the nightmare from my mind. The thought of Charlie and Bella getting hurt by those monsters made me shudder. Feeling a little paranoid they were catching up to me, I sped up a little and looked in my rearview mirror. I sighed. This is going to be a long drive.




I rubbed my eyes as I pulled into Charlie’s driveway at 11:26pm. After I turned off the engine, I just sat in the car. I couldn’t bring myself to move. I had always come here with Greg. It didn’t seem right being here without him. A single tear escaped from my eye. I wiped it away, grabbed my bags and knocked on the door. Charlie opened up and embraced me in a big, long hug. We didn’t say anything and we didn’t need to. We were both hurting. I cried lightly on his shoulder. He let me go and gave me a small smile, “Hey Rae, I bet you’re exhausted. Come on, I’ll show you your room so you can get some rest.” I politely smiled back and followed him inside. “I hope you don’t mind,” he said, “but you’ll be staying in Bella’s old room.” I smiled, “No, I don’t mind at all. Thank you Charlie. For everything. You’re so kind.” He just nodded, “I’ll let you get some rest. We can talk in the morning. Oh, one thing real quick. Bella’s visiting tomorrow around noon.” I smiled brightly, nodded and went to bed. I cannot wait to see Bella again! It has been way too long! I closed my eyes in hopes of a dreamless (more like nightmare free) sleep.


I woke up around 8:00am because of the nightmare. Not really wanting to sleep, I showered and started to make breakfast for Charlie. He woke up about an hour later and we enjoyed a nice, peaceful mea. As I started to clean up, Charlie thanked me, “It’s great to have someone back in the house with me again. The meal was great too by the way.” Smiling, I nodded, “You’re opening your home to me, the least I can do is provide a home-cooked meal.” “Well, I’m just glad we didn’t lose you too Rae,” and with that Charlie went to the loving room to watch some sports.

After I loaded the dishwasher, I went upstairs to grab my guitar and carefully climbed onto the roof. I was randomly strumming my guitar when a Volvo pulled up into the driveway. Two people walked out, one of them looked familiar. The scent was familiar… they smelled like vampires. I got nervous when I recognized the scent, afraid that they might hurt Charlie like they hurt my family. These are the times I’m grateful for my vampire speed. In a heartbeat I was inside, guitar put away and at the staircase. Just as I walked downstairs, Charlie saw me and  smell like Bella’s usual aroma. Hers is hard to forget. It’s very lovely and unique. But sure enough, I followed Charlie to the living room and there she was. One look at her and you could tell she was a vampire. My heart sank a little, how did this happen? She deserved to have a happy and full life. Some sick leech laid a hand on her! I noticed there was another vampire next to her. Bella stood and and smiled brightly at me. I could only manage a weak smile. She embraced me in a huge, cold, hug, “I’m so sorry for all you’ve been through Rae. I’m happy to see you though. Charlie and I will always be here for you.” I smiled a little wider and whispered out a thank you. The vampire next to her cleared his throat and Bella grabbed his hand and led him towards me, “Rae, this is my husband, Edward Cullen. Edward, this is my cousin Evelyn Swan. Charlie and I call her Rae though.” Edward smiled politely at me, seeming reluctant to take his gaze off of Bella, “It’s a pleasure to meet you Evelyn. However, I am very sorry about what happened to your family.” I smiled weakly at the mention of my family. Trying to change the subject, I asked Bella about her wedding. It sounded fabulous, so I took a look at Bella’s memories so I could see it. She looked absolutely breathtaking on her wedding day! Afterwards, Bella and Edward decided they should head back home. Bella hesitantly looked up at Edward who proceeded to give her a curious look, “Rae.. um, you should come by our house tomorrow. Anytime is fine. Just, Charlie is gone a lot during the day and well, after what you’ve been through, I think it’d be best if you had family with you at all times. Besides, you may really like Edward’s family” Edward raised his eyebrow but then turned to me and smiled, “We would love to have you over Evelyn. We’ll hopefully see you tomorrow.” “Yeah, I’ll be sure to stop by. Bye Bella, it was great to see you again and it was nice to meet you Edward.” They waved as he opened the car door for her and drove off. Little did I know, I’d have a little surprise at the Cullen household.

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