Evelyn Rae Swan is Bella Swan's cousin. She's been thrown into a magical, mystical world since birth. After Bella changed and had Renesmee, trouble finds Evelyn. She is sent to live with her uncle. Love and a power-hungry vampire awaits her arrival in Forks.


4. Three

    It was great to see Bella again. Her husband Edward seems very attached. They’re like missing puzzle pieces. From Bella’s memories, she must have been human when she married Edward and it appeared that he was a vampire. She had to of known he was a vampire going into the marriage. I felt better believing that Bella was a vampire by choice, not by an attack or something. The thought kind of made me smile. It reminded me of my parents. That’s how it should have been between them. Dad should have changed mom and the three of us could be a real family.. well as real as a mythical family can be. I wonder how exactly it happened for Bella. I’ll have to do some digging in her memories when I see her tomorrow. Not too sure how I feel about going over there. Yeah, she’s my cousin and I love her but I just don’t know how I feel about being near vampires after my family was just destroyed by vampires. Then again, my family was just destroyed by vampires. Do I really want to be alone right now? I sighed. “Charlie?” He looked up at me, grabbing a Vitamin R out of the fridge. “I think I’m going to go out on a walk.” “To La Push?” He asked. I nodded, “Yeah to La Push.”


    I hugged my jacket close to my body, hands in my pockets and staring blankly ahead. Even though it’s been years since I was here last, my body went on autopilot, walking the familiar wooded path to La Push. Most people stay near the road from Forks to La Push, heck, most people drove. I could have used magic to get there in a heartbeat but I prefered the peaceful air in the forest to La Push. Call me crazy, I like nature. Haha. I took a quick glance around me, verifying no one was around before I pulled out my wand from my boot. Balancing on a fallen tree, I played with the luminescent glow at the end of my wand. A while later I finally was in La Push. I loved it here, it just had a completely different feel than Forks. It felt more like home. There was a warm breeze as I came to the cliff. I pulled out my iPod and put it on shuffle as I sat down, watched the horizon and enjoyed the breeze. After a few minutes of sitting there, I noticed a shift in the scent in the air. It smelled really good. Suddenly I heard some rustling behind me and my breath hitched.


    “Evelyn..? Evelyn Swan??” I turned around, I would know that voice anywhere! I leaped up and hugged the warm girl standing behind me, “Cat! I’ve missed you!” She seemed a little taken aback by my hug, but she quickly loosened up and tightened the hug. “I’ve missed you so much Eve! What took you so long to come back here?? La Push just isn’t the same without you!” I chuckled at her comment, “My family is gone. Charlie wants me to live with him so I won’t have to be alone.” Cat’s face dropped, “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry,” She hugged me again, “now enough of that sad stuff. Only smiles here sunshine!” That’s one thing I love about Catori; she’s so loving but she hates when things get too sad or emotional. You can never be too depressed around her, she lifts you up so easily. “So how’s the whole wolf thing?” I ask. She beamed, “It’s alright. I imprinted.” “Oh my goodness, no way. Who? Have I ever met him?” Cat chuckled, “Yes, you’ve met him. Like, once. I’d be surprised if you remembered him.” I gave her a look, “Kitty-cat, you remember I can search that pretty little brain of yours right, even if I didn’t remember the lucky boy?” She blushed and looked at the ground. I grew a little impatient as she stalled by lightly kicking the pebbles and dirt on the ground. I cleared my throat and she looked up, blushing even more now, “Seth Clearwater… He’s a shapeshifter too. His gene kicked in before mine did.” I let out a loud “Awwwwee” and hugged her. I remembered Seth. He was a good kid. A little younger than us but, hey, age is but a number. Especially when it comes to imprinting. I mean so long as shapeshifter’s continue to go back and forth from both forms, they do not age anyways, so it doesn’t really matter if he’s slightly younger. I nudged her, “So cute.” “Not as cute as you and Mason,” she nudged back and I frowned, “aw Eve, what happened?” “We no longer see each other.. He disappeared..” “He disappeared..? What?” I didn’t necessarily want to talk about the whole situation. I came out to the cliff to relax, not to relive two nights ago. Before I could tell her I didn’t want to talk about it at the moment, there was a slight rustling in the trees behind us. The scent was of another shapeshifter. I chuckled lightly, “Kitty-cat going to get in trouble for hanging out with a hybrid?” I wiggled my eyebrows, causing Cat to laugh. “I have to go Eve, I’ll see you later. Okay?” She dashed out into the trees before I could say goodbye. I heard their steps fade off into the distance.




    “Who was that?” Seth questioned. He was concerned, he smelled something similar to vampires on our land and he didn’t want me to get hurt. I mentally smiled to myself. I have such a cute and caring imprint. “That was my old friend Evelyn,” I smiled brightly, “I haven’t seen her in ages, I caught a whiff of her scent and had to check it out.” His nose wrinkled a bit, “She’s a vampire?” I grew a little defensive, “No, and she doesn’t smell like either. It’s a unique smell. ‘Sides so what if she was, you think Bella is pretty cool and she’s a vampire.” Seth noticed I got upset and his face instantly softened, automatically causing my face to soften too. “I’m sorry, Catori. I just don’t want you to get hurt or anything. It shouldn’t, and it doesn’t matter if she’s a vampire or not.” We were running back to Emily’s house, still in our wolf forms. I guess we didn’t realize some of the others were in wolf form until Jacob’s thoughts popped up.


    “You let some leech live on Quileute land?” Jacob growled in his head, causing Seth to growl right back at him. I whimpered, “Jake, she’s no vampire. She’s different. I wasn’t doing anything wrong.” Jacob didn’t seem to fond of my response and neither did Paul, “She’s different? Like what, Cullen different? That’s no excuse. We take out vampires on our land, to protect our people. We don’t talk to good-for-nothing leeches.” Paul snorted. That’s when I got mad, Evelyn’s my best friend, I can talk to her if I want. Besides, she’s not even truly a vampire! She’s a hybrid, and more wizard than vampire if I do say so myself. Sure, she has a little vampire tint to her smell but the mystic smell of wizards masks most of the undead scent from her. I growled, “She’s no threat. You can meet her yourselves. I know what you two are considering. You’re not going to attack Evelyn. You’ll see for yourselves, she’s not a vampire.”


    Sam must have wondered where the four of us were at and phased himself, coming into the mind link in the midst of our increasingly heated talk. “Cat. Cool it. Paul, Jacob, it’s not your decision to chose what happens to this girl.” The three of us all whimpered at Sam. “Now, Cat. You sure this girl is okay? And she’s not a vampire? Her scent is definitely different.” I looked up at Sam with hopeful eyes, excitement slowly creeping it’s way into my voice, “Evelyn is great. No, she’s not a vampire. She doesn’t drink blood! You should meet her, I can bring her here to Emily’s! That way we have a controlled environment and you can get to know her yourselves!” Sam seemed to consider the idea, “She can’t know about us being shapeshifters okay? Same rules apply; you cannot, and I order you to not tell the Quileute secret.” We all nodded our heads. “Good,” Sam snorted, “Bring her over in a few days so I have more time to prepare to meet this girl in case something goes wrong. Now come on, Emily made lunch for us.” At the mention of food, Seth perked up and nudged me to come with him. I mentally smiled at how cute this boy was and was soon trailing with him to Emily’s. During the meal, I couldn’t help but to think of Eve. How am I going to pull this off? I mean, yeah, she’s no vampire. She’s a hybrid. But part of her hybrid side is vampire. Crap. I didn’t really think this out well. I sighed, don’t worry about that yet, there’s still time.




    I had no idea how long I had been up by the cliff. Catori left a while ago and after she left, I started to read while listening to my music in this gorgeous location. I had managed to finish the book, which wasn’t too big but still quite a lot to read, and the sun was setting. I yawned, even though I’m part vampire, I get so sleepy. In fact, I sleep more than the average human being. I just need more sleep. I got up off the cold ground and walked back home. Charlie had ordered pizza while I was out, so I heated up a few slices, dipped them in ranch, and then started cleaning up. For one man living all by himself, he sure does make a big mess. I chuckled lightly at the thought. It was great to see Cat again. She really was my best friend. No clue what I’d do without her.



Outside of Charlie’s house stood three vampires. “Hmm, these people seem more dear to her than her own family,” the first vampire stated. The second one responded, “Yes, well it appears we may have found our weak spot. She’ll be so easy to take now. Zain should be pleased.” The third vampire just nodded, “We just need to watch out for those wolves she was talking to earlier.” The first vampire laughed, “As if those mutts stand a chance against us.” Taking one last glance at Charlie’s house, they disappeared into the woods.

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