Evelyn Rae Swan is Bella Swan's cousin. She's been thrown into a magical, mystical world since birth. After Bella changed and had Renesmee, trouble finds Evelyn. She is sent to live with her uncle. Love and a power-hungry vampire awaits her arrival in Forks.


7. Six

One Month Ago:


    I kissed Evelyn on the forehead and tossed her my motorcycle keys before I phased into my werewolf form and barged into the house. The two vampires and I stared at each other, ready to pounce. I heard the motorcycle take off and I glanced behind me. She was gone. I smiled to myself and turned back into my human form. “Nicely done, boys” I said to Aiden and Noah. They smiled at me, fresh blood covering their teeth. “You took care of Lucas, her father, right? Burnt him and everything?” Aiden looked annoyed, “Of course we burnt her father, we know how to destroy our own kind wolf boy.” I smirked at him, “I’d be careful calling me names Aiden, I don’t think Zain would be too pleased with you if you threatened his right wing man.” Noah snickered. Aiden was annoyed, “Alright, fine. So now what are we going to do about the house?” “We burn it down of course,” Noah smiled and I nodded. “Noah’s right. We burn the house to the ground.” We left the house. Aiden turned around and started a fire next to the house. We watched the house blazing for a few moments before we snuck out into the night.




    “Has Evelyn adjusted well to her new setting?” I asked once it was just Mason and myself in the den. He smiled, “She’s adjusted. She doesn’t seem to be surrounded by a lot of people. She’s become quite the loner.” At this, I frowned, “Mason. Don’t you find it particularly odd that someone like Evelyn would prefer to be alone. Surely she must spend her time with someone while we’re not watching her.” “Of course Zain, we will keep a closer eye on her.” “Not too close though. We don’t want her to be expecting anything. I don’t want to damage such a powerful… tool.” Mason smirked at my word choice. “I understand,” Mason bowed and left me alone in my den.


    Evelyn was no ordinary wizard, purely for the fact that her father was a vampire. The venom interacted with the magic in her bloodstream and made her powers even stronger and more sensitive. I doubt Evelyn even realizes her potential. Her powers only made me want her more. She was the key. The missing link. The way to finally overthrow the Volturi and any other group that would try to gain control over me. I am the rightful ruler of the lands. No human should be above us. They pose no threat to us. Any creature should bow down to vampires. They should bow down to me. Evelyn was the key to my ultimate rule. Now, I don’t imagine Evelyn would join easily. Killing off her family was merely just the beginning of bringing her on my path. I would have to be patient. The time will come and we will be ready.


    The door opened slowly and in popped Brittany, a small and slender red-head. She was exceptionally smart and very persuasive; definitely an asset to me. “Zain, master..?” “Yes, dearest Brittany?” Flattery gets you anything. She smiled and if she were human, she would have blushed, “Dinner is being served” I smiled with delight, “Well, we mustn't keep our food waiting, shall we?” She smirked and led in a two women. Both blondes. Ah, so easy to seduce and eat. I grinned as Brittany left, closing the door behind her. I licked my lips, anxiously awaiting to sink my teeth into my victims. “Welcome to Kihzi Island, Russia.”




    I left the Cullens house shortly after the pack left. I felt awkward and Bella was frozen. She wasn’t expecting my explanation to be what it was. I walked slowly home. I didn’t bother to dig deep into their minds. They would think I was a freak. I stepped inside to a dark and quiet house. Charlie was asleep on the couch, the T.V. remote in his hands. Such a typical spot for Charlie to pass out. I walked upstairs and looked at my reflection in the mirror. My eyes that were once a moss green were now an ice blue. My hair turned white with blue tips. I was turning cold. My powers and my emotions always blended together. When I got sad, my body imitated ice. When I was angry, my eyes would go pitch black and my hair would turn to fire. It was scary because when I was at emotional extremes, my powers would be very sensitive. I once burnt down a friend’s farm when I got mad at her. I didn’t mean to, the powers just kind of took over. Lately, I’ve been getting these really bad headaches. They weren’t typical headaches. It was pressure all over. It made it a little difficult to function. And yes, I’ll admit that I am a bit concerned that it has to do with my powers. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change who I am, but I scare myself sometimes. I’m afraid of losing me, of losing my control over my powers. I feel like a freak. I live in a world of magical creatures; vampires, werewolves, wizards, shapeshifters, all of that and I feel like a freak. A freak among freaks.


    I showered and changed into an oversized sweater and put on some leggings. I wiped my tired eyes but refused to sleep. I just sat there on my bed looking out of my window, reflecting on the day’s events. When I finally decided to get some rest, my phone buzzed.


Unknown: hey! its embry! so cool to meet you today, sorry about leaving suddenly


How did Embry get my number? I sighed, Catori.


To: Embry: hey, it was great to meet you and your pack. don’t apologize, it’s hard to react positively around a freak like me, hah


From: Embry: aw ): youre no freak eve, i think it’s super cool what you are. so do the other guys. jake just kind of had a moment. you should hang out with us at the res tomorrow. were having a campfire! join us! pleasseee


To: Embry: well thanks, but when you’re the only one of your kind, you tend to feel that way. i’ll think about it okay? and your grammar on here is CRAP! haha


From: Embry: hey now. ouch haha


To: Embry: well it’s true. now i’m exhausted. i’ve had a long day. g’night embry!


From: Embry: night eve!


I chuckled at Embry before putting my phone down and falling asleep. For once, I didn’t have the usual nightmare. Just a nice, dreamless sleep.


    I was sound asleep until someone was shaking me awake. I freaked and jumped out of bed to find Cat and Leah laughing at me. I glared at them, “Gee thanks for waking me up…” Cat smiled, “You’re Welcome!” Leah snorted, “Well we wouldn’t have to shake you awake if you would’ve woke up and answered our phone calls.” My eyes widened as I grabbed my phone. Ten missed calls. Oh… wait, what time is it? I looked at the clock and saw that it was a quarter to four in the afternoon. I had slept that long? “Man, I didn’t think I was that tired..” I scratched the back of my head, “let me get showered and ready.. what time is that campfire thing tonight?” I questioned. “At six,” Leah commented. I nodded and got ready. By the time I had gotten ready, we only had about an hour left before we should leave. “Can we watch a movie?” Cat questioned. Leah nodded eagerly, “Yes please!” I just chuckled and showed them my movie collection. Leah and Cat smiled at each other and handed me their choice, “Pitch Perfect”. I looked at Leah questioningly. I know Cat loved this movie with a passion but Leah really didn’t seem like the type. Around the pack she was so cold but around Cat, she was so energetic.. and.. free. “You like Pitch Perfect..?” I asked and Leah looked at me as if I should have known that, “Well, duh, it’s a funny movie!” I laughed and snuggled on the floor while Cat and Leah took over the sofa. It didn’t seem like very long, but we eventually left Charlie’s place to head over to the Res for the campfire. I had a few reservations about going, but I tried to ignore them.


    I was glad I went to the campfire. The food was delicious and Billy Black, Jacob’s dad, was a great story teller. I knew these weren’t just stories for little kids. That these were true stories. I sat in between Collin and Embry. Cat was cuddled next to Seth and she wanted me to get closer to her pack so she forced me to sit next to some new people. Thankfully, Embry insisted I sit next to him. He just wanted me to fit in. I was really glad we were sort of friends. Jacob was sitting next to Sam and Paul. He kept occasionally glancing at me and I didn’t know why. Whenever he did, I felt heat rush to my cheeks and butterflies in my stomach. He was a real cutie. All of the stories were intriguing, like the treaty being made between the Cullens and the Quileutes,  but the story that caught my attention the most was the story of the third wife. The way she was so willing to end her life, it just made me shudder. To love someone that much. Wow. I guess that’s what it must be like for these guys to imprint. I’ll admit sometimes I searched through Cat’s mind to see what having an imprint is like and it is such an amazing feeling. There’s so much love and hope that stems from your imprint. They truly are your life source.

    I wondered if I was imprinted on -- I didn’t dare search their thoughts, that’s too personal to dig through -- and I wondered if I could ever find a love like that. Could anyone ever love me? Is there love out there for a freak? A freak of freaks?

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