Evelyn Rae Swan is Bella Swan's cousin. She's been thrown into a magical, mystical world since birth. After Bella changed and had Renesmee, trouble finds Evelyn. She is sent to live with her uncle. Love and a power-hungry vampire awaits her arrival in Forks.


2. One

        Shortly after I boarded the plane, it took off in flight. The sights and sounds of my family being attacked was etched into my mind. I felt guilty, guilty that I couldn’t save my family from the vampires. I was the strong one in my family. Carter was younger than me and didn’t have as much wizard training as I had. I had already finished my years learning the art of wizardry and how to control my powers. It’s always been harder for me to control my powers, being a hybrid and all. See, my father is a vampire and my mother is a wizard. They were married for a while and then had me. I feel lucky because I’m more wizard than vampire. I don’t drink blood and I don’t glow in the sunlight, but I’m fast, and I don’t age -- I’m immortal.  My wizard abilities mixed with some vampire abilities so I’m very powerful that way. I can control minds: shield my mind or someone else’s, implant thoughts or visions, and I can even search through memories without their knowledge. Dad seemed very proud of the hybrid I was; he was afraid that if I had too many vampire qualities, the Volturi would be after me. Mom didn’t seem afraid.


        My parents split when I was about three years old because my dad knew my mom wanted a somewhat human life. A life where she could grow old and die with her loved one. She loved my father, don’t get me wrong, she just always wished they could have that. My dad, loving her so much, divorced her knowing it’d make her happy to find someone who could grow old with her. He never left my side though. Every event I was in, every birthday, every tragedy, Dad was there. He visited me at least every weekend, but he would usually visit more than that. Mom never minded which made me happy. A year after their divorce, mom met Greg Swan, they got married and had little Carter. Greg knew about my dad and how we were wizards and he was okay with that surprisingly. He thought it added a little more “magic” in his life, haha, and made it more interesting. He was nothing like Uncle Charlie. Where Charlie was reserved and kept to himself, Greg was energetic and social. I was going to miss all of them. Greg’s energy, Mom’s compassion, Carter’s funny remarks, and Dad’s caring personality.


        Tears started to trickle down again, thinking about them. I wiped them away and tried not to think about them. Instead I started to think about Charlie. I heard Bella got married and so he was all alone again. I bet he is looking forward to me staying with him but I bet he’s devastated that his brother is gone. I wonder if he told Bella I was coming. I miss her. We used to be so close. I would love going to Forks with her when we were younger! She eventually stopped going but I continued to go every summer. I didn’t like sharing her with Jacob Black though, so I would go off to the cliffs in La Push. That’s where I met my best friend, Catori Sigo. We would hang out whenever Jacob would take Bells away from me. Charlie and Bella didn’t know I was a hybrid and they didn’t know my mom and brother were wizards. I’ll have to be careful about what I do around them. Catori however, knew that I was a hybrid. I felt bad not telling her. Especially when I had to lie to her when I couldn’t hang out with her because of my wizard training. Telling her was the best thing I did for our friendship. We hung out a lot more and had a lot more fun!


        As the plane neared Iowa, I started to worry. What if Charlie suddenly doesn’t like me? What if Bella doesn’t remember me? Will I still have friends in Forks? I tried to calm myself by putting in my headphones and taking a quick nap. Half an hour later, the plane landed and I made my way off. It was about 6:30am by the time we landed. After I got my luggage, I walked towards the door to leave the airport when I spotted a man holding up a sign with my name on it. I approached him and he smiled at me. He then handed me an envelope and said, “Your car is in the closest parking lot, letter B, sixth one in on the right hand side.” I thanked him before he walked off. It didn’t take long for me to find the car. It was a mossy green Jeep. I put my things inside, plugged in a GPS laying on the passenger seat and drove off to Forks, Washington. I drove about 5 hours before finally pulling over. It was around noon now and I was exhausted from all the traveling. I was a little hesitant to rest because I was afraid that I would see my dead family in my dreams but I needed the rest so I found a hotel and tried to sleep.




The house was quiet. Edward went over to Carlisle’s house while I went to Nessie’s room to wake her up. It had been almost a whole year since she was born. She was absolutely gorgeous. If you didn’t know she was half vampire, you would assume she was about 15 years old. I smiled before lightly nudging her to wake up. When she woke up, I let her shower and change before taking her over to Carlisle’s for breakfast. It was nice having our own home but we still spent the majority of our time with the rest of the Cullens at their place. Nessie skipped along behind me as we entered the kitchen; Rosalie and Esme were already cooking breakfast. I pleasantly looked around the room to see everyone in their own conversations, smiling and happy. Edward saw me looking around and gave me a kiss on the forehead. This was the way I had always wanted to be. I never imagined I’d have a child with him -- none of us thought it was possible -- but we were a family and would be forever.


My cell phone started to ring. It was Charlie. “Hey Dad.”

        “Hey Bells, how are you?”
        “I’m good, what’s up?” Charlie doesn’t usually call me, he just kind of comes over. Something must be wrong.

        “Well, you remember your cousin, Rae, right?” he questioned.

        “Rae? Yeah! I’ve missed her! What about her..? Is she alright?” Charlie and I always called Evelyn by her middle name, Rae. It was just our special name for her. Most people called her by her full name or Eve. I guess we wanted to call her something special.

        “Well, her family just died a few days ago in a house fire. She’s coming up to live with me so she doesn’t have to be alone. She should be here late tomorrow night, so I thought it’d be nice if you came by to see her. You two were really close, I’m sure she would love to see you and you could really comfort her..” There was a slight pause before I responded. I felt her pain. She lost her whole family. I don’t know what I would do if I lost Charlie, Edward, Nessie, or any of the Cullens for that matter!
“Yeah, I’ll bring Edward too if that’s alright. What time?”
“Okay, how about noon?”
“Alright Dad, see you in two days.”
“Thanks Bells,” and with that, he hung up.

        “What did Charlie want?” Edward asked curiously. I smiled lightly at him, “My cousin Rae is coming to live with Charlie. Her family was killed in a house fire.” Esme and Carlisle overheard because Esme gave me a hug and Carlisle gave me a sympathetic smile. “We’re sorry to hear that,” he said. I gave them a nod, “Charlie wanted me and Edward to visit her around noon in two days since she’ll get here late tomorrow night. Is that okay?” Edward smiled, “Of course love, I’d like to meet your cousin.” I smiled happily, anxious to see my cousin after so long. So much has happened since I last saw her. Hopefully, we still get along.

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