Evelyn Rae Swan is Bella Swan's cousin. She's been thrown into a magical, mystical world since birth. After Bella changed and had Renesmee, trouble finds Evelyn. She is sent to live with her uncle. Love and a power-hungry vampire awaits her arrival in Forks.


5. Four

“What are you thinking! Inviting that leech to our lands? We’re supposed to be protecting our people, not inviting the danger in!” Jacob growled. Paul joined in, “Yeah, you’re just asking for trouble Catori. Why do you have to bring the whole pack down into this? If any of our people get hurt because you claim she isn’t dangerous, there will be serious consequences.” Anger welled up inside me. Who the heck do they think they are? Just because they’ve been in the pack longer they feel like I don’t know what a dangerous vampire is like? “Evelyn isn’t even a vampire!” I roared. I’ve had it. Ever since Sam Uley said that I should invite her over to make sure she isn’t a threat, Jacob and Paul have been all over me. Rude. “Are you kidding me?” Paul chuckled. “Didn’t you smell her Cat? She’s a bloodsucker!” Jacob barked. Tired of the boys picking on me, I took a deep breath to calm myself down. Seth was on patrol so he couldn’t help me out. “Look guys. I know her, I’ve known her before the gene ever kicked in. She may smell faintly like a vampire, but you can tell by her scent that it’s something different. I know I’ve never smelled anything like it. It would be a good opportunity for the both of you to loosen up a little when she comes over. Besides, say she really was a vampire. Big whoop if I’m friends with her. You’re telling me that it’s okay to protect a potentially dangerous half-vampire baby but it’s not okay for me to be friends with someone safe who may or may not be a vampire??” Jacob started to shake in anger, “We’ve all moved past that.” Jacob growled through gritted teeth. I nodded and then ran off towards Emily’s house. Paul was trying to calm him down.


I walked into Emily’s house when the smell of freshly baked muffins filled the air. Yum. I was starving and Emily’s muffins are the best! I quickly sat down in a chair and grabbed a muffin, happily humming while I ate the delicious treat. Someone cleared their throat. I froze and looked up to see an amused Seth smiling at me. “Well great to see you too Cat,” he chuckled. I blushed and looked back down at my muffin shamefully. “Sorry Seth. I’m hungry..” I smiled lightly at him before getting up and hugging him. He chuckled to himself, “Of course you are.” “I thought you were on patrol?” Seth smiled, “I just got back. Want to go out for some food?” I smiled and nodded. “Okay let’s go,” he chuckled as he intertwined our fingers and left the house. Paul and Jacob passed us as we left. I made sure to ignore them and they ignored me.


    We walked up to a little cafe in Forks. Seth’s never taken me here before. Heck, he’s never taken me to a restaurant before. We would always just cook at his place or we’d eat at Emily’s. It was a nice, refreshing change. We sat down and started looking at the menu. “So, do you have something special planned here Seth?” I asked. He looked up from his menu, a little surprised and amused. “No,” he responded, “I just thought I’d switch it up a little. A wolf can’t take his beautiful imprint out every once in awhile?” I blushed. He is the sweetest thing. Seth is still the youngest to have phased so as long as he still phases, he’ll forever look like a 16 year old. Although, since joining the pack, he has looked a little older because he’s got more muscles now. I’m only a year older than him so it’s not like we look weird together. We actually look perfect together, and we really are perfect for each other. Maybe it’s because we did imprint on each other, but we’re like matching puzzle pieces. I love him so much, and I know he loves me. Dinner was going nicely. We goofed off, almost got kicked out, and had some wicked good desert.


    After dinner, we left the restaurant and took a long walk through the forests in La Push. Seth intertwined our fingers and I lightly swayed them back and forth. We were just joking around, being ourselves, it was peaceful. A light breeze shook the tree branches. The sound reminded me of us in our wolf forms when we’re running around, which in turn made me think of Jacob and how mad he and Paul are at me. “Seth…” I whispered. “Hmm?” he muttered, staring at the ground. “Do you think it was bad of me to invite Evelyn over? She really isn’t bad. Eve is not a vampire. You believe me, don’t you?” I pleaded with him. Seth suddenly looked up at me and concerned filled his eyes. He stopped walking and took ahold of both of my hands. “Catori, don’t worry about what Jacob and Paul say. If you say you’ve known her for a while and you know she’s not dangerous or a vampire, you did nothing wrong. You protected her. Jacob and Paul need to get over the fact that if someone they don’t know isn’t a part of the pack, doesn’t mean they’re going to cause trouble.” I sighed and hugged him, grateful he understood. He chuckled and lightly kissed my forehead. We continued to walk until we reached the cliff. This was kind of the pack’s spot. We always came here. It was peaceful and very pretty. I let go of Seth’s hand and went to the edge of the cliff, dangling my legs over the edge and leaning back on my elbows. I closed my eyes, smiling as I soaked up the light breeze in the area. A few moments later, I felt warm skin lightly graze my hand. I looked next to me to see Seth smiling at me, so I smiled back and scooted closer to him. The sun started to set and we watched in a comfortable silence. It was perfect.

    After the sun set, Seth thought it was best that he walked me home. He kissed me goodbye on my doorstep and I melted into the kiss. I hugged him around his neck, not wanting him to go. I kissed his cheek and then hopped inside. “Hey mom, I’m home!” My mom walked into the living room, smiling. “Did you have a good day with Seth, dear?” I blushed, “Yes, but I didn’t spend the WHOLE day with him. I was with the rest of the pack too.” “Uh huh,” my mom smirked, “Because Sam and the rest of the pack came over for dinner today without the two of you. Leah said you two had left long before then. She even came over early to help me cook. What a nice girl.” Crap, I was supposed to help mom out for feeding the pack! “Mom, I’m so sorry! I forgot you needed me to help!!” Mom just chuckled, “Catori, it’s alright. I had some help. Now if Leah didn’t come over, you would probably be in trouble. You owe her big. Now get some rest, you look exhausted.” I sighed, relieved I didn’t get in trouble. Thank you Leah. You know, she really is a sweetheart, she’s just a little rough around the edges. But I probably would be too if Seth ever ditched me for another. I shuddered at the thought. “Hey, where’s dad?” I asked. Mom’s smile faded into a frown, “He’s out… again..” I frowned too. Dad always was out gambling lately. He’d always go off to Port Angeles in the middle of the day, gamble, drink, and probably cheat, just to stumble back home a few days later. I don’t know how my mom puts up with it. I quickly gave her a kiss on the cheek and head up to my bed. I lied there thinking. Day dreaming of Seth, wondering if Jacob and Paul would learn to accept Evelyn, and thinking about how good it was to see Evelyn again. Soon, I fell into a deep sleep.

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