Evelyn Rae Swan is Bella Swan's cousin. She's been thrown into a magical, mystical world since birth. After Bella changed and had Renesmee, trouble finds Evelyn. She is sent to live with her uncle. Love and a power-hungry vampire awaits her arrival in Forks.


6. Five

    It was pitch black. Two piercing red eyes seemed to stare into my soul. I could see the blood dripping from his mouth. I was terrified, yet I could not move. “You’re ours” he smiled evilly. I attempted to scream but they already lunged at me.


    I woke up in a cold sweat. I sat up in my bed, bought my knees up to my chest, and laid my head on my knees. The same nightmare came back every night. Those demonic eyes. Their cold presence. It’s been a whole month since I moved out here to Charlie’s house and I missed my family so much. Sure, it probably would help if I visited Bella or hung with Catori. I haven’t gone over to Bella’s house because, yeah I am hesitant to hang out with vampires after my family was destroyed by them. Catori has been trying to get ahold of me but I’ve been ignoring her. It makes me sad, but I know how her pack really does not like me. I know it’s just because they don’t know what I am or if I’m dangerous or not. Which is understandable, I just wish I could be with her. She’s my rock, but I absolutely do not want her pack to be mad at her all the time. They are so close and share such a strong bond, I couldn’t stand it if I was the one causing the pack to have issues. I sighed and wiped away the few tears that escaped my eyes. Running a hand through my messy hair, I got up to take a shower. I refused to pity myself and warm showers always perk me up.


    After taking an extra long shower, I put my hair up in a towel and changed into some faded jeans, a bright, flowing t-shirt, and some tall boots. Then I put on some light eyeshadow and mascara -- I never really was fond of makeup -- and finished off by blow-drying my hair. I skipped down the stairs to make breakfast for Charlie and myself. I figured he’d be home for a little while today since it was Saturday, so you could imagine my disappointment when I saw Charlie was packing for a fishing trip. Charlie smiled when he saw me, “Hey Rae! I hope you slept well last night. Sorry to leave you right when you wake up but I’ll probably be gone all day fishing with Sue.” I smiled and nodded, Charlie and Sue were so cute together, “That’s alright, tell Sue I say hi!” “Will do,” he nodded and left. I raided the fridge and pantries to find something to eat but couldn’t find what I was looking for. I took a quick glance around the house, took out my wand from my boot, and with a quick wave, a delicious omelette with hash browns appeared on a plate in front of me. Please, I put my wand away and dug in. Oh, how I love magic!


    After I finished my breakfast, I cleaned up and looked around the house, contemplating what to do. I finally went upstairs, grabbed my guitar and climbed to the roof. It was nice up here, not a lot of people could notice me either. I strummed my guitar to Imagine Dragons song, “On Top of the World” and sang along. The guitar always calms me down. I could play for hours, and I usually did. It was that refreshing. I played covers of Coldplay, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, All Time Low, and a few other artists. I must have played for a little over two hours before I noticed two people making their way to my house. “Catori?” I shouted, curious as to why she came over. Cat and the boy she was with looked up to the roof, “Eve? What the heck are you doing up there!” I smiled, happy to see her, “Just playing the guitar. Hold on a sec, I’ll be right down!” I climbed back down to the window in my room and put away my guitar. I made sure to walk to the door slowly. If it were just Catori, I wouldn’t have minded to use my vampire speed. Heck, I love how fast I can go. But, Catori was with some boy so I had to hide my speed and other powers. I opened the door and shut it behind me. “So, what brings you here? And who is this?” I smiled lightly. I had already started searching his mind. Hmm, so this is Catori’s imprint, I thought. My heart swelled with hope when I stumbled upon his memory of telling Cat that he believed her when she said I wasn’t a vampire. He believes I’m not dangerous. Cat snapped me out of my mind, “This is Seth.” She smiled. Your imprint, I interjected in her mind. She blushed and intertwined her fingers with his. Seth looked at her with a mixture of happiness and confusion at our little exchange. “So…” I shuffled my feet a little, suddenly feeling a little awkward, “What exactly brings the two of you here..?” Cat smiled, “You’re coming with us and the rest of our friends to the Cullen’s house for lunch.” I frowned, the two groups of people I’ve been avoiding want to hang out with me at once. I didn’t feel too comfortable. “I don’t know…” I whispered, leaning back against the door. Cat gave me a look and I could tell she wanted a word with me.


What is going on? Don’t you want to hang out with me and your cousin? Cat thought, sounding hurt.


Nothing. I just.. I don’t know. I’m not too comfortable hanging around vampires. I mean Edward seems nice and I’m sure Bella is still Bella, but ultimately, they are still vampires. I don’t think I’m ready to be surrounded by vampires right now. Plus, I thought your pack hated me. They’d be so pissed to know I know that they are shape shifters.


Oh come on, Eve. You can trust your cousin! The Cullens are great. They don’t even drink human blood. They prefer to drink animal blood. My pack does NOT hate you. They just don’t understand how special you are. Well, they’re sure to find out eventually that you already know about them. You can’t help that you know, I mean even if I didn’t tell you, you would have searched my brain trying to find out what had happened to me.


You’re right… Alright, fine. I’ll go. I need to get out of this house and socialize with people anyways.


A smile formed on Cat’s lips, knowing she was victorious. Poor Seth looked so confused why I hadn’t responded and why his girl was smiling like a dork. “So, are you going to join us?” he pressed. I merely nodded and he burst out into a smile, “Terrific! Come on!” Cat grabbed my hand and the three of us walked over to the Cullen’s house. I could tell this was going to be an interesting affair.




    It took a while to get to the Cullens house since we walked, but it was a good time to get to know Seth. He really is a good guy, and a great match for Cat. I can tell they really love each other. We finally reached their house at about 1:30pm. I had been to Bella’s little cottage and I thought that was where we were headed but in front of me was a gorgeous mansion. There were glass windows all around the house. It was so open and breathtaking. “Wow…” was all I was able to muster out. Seth chuckled, “I thought you’ve been here before? You are Bella’s cousin after all, right?” I blushed out of embarrassment. “Well, yeah, I’m her cousin,” I responded, “it’s just I haven’t visited her a lot since coming here and when I did visit her, we went to her little cottage. Not here…” Seth nodded his head and Cat grabbed my hand and walked my to the front steps.


We didn’t even have to knock, Edward heard us coming and opened the door. It was weird, all at once I heard everyone’s thoughts at once. It was overwhelming and I couldn’t make out what everyone was saying. I soon realized that I was reading Edward’s mind, who just so happens to be a mind reader. I quickly shielded my mind and I felt instant relief. I lightly rubbed my temple before smiling at Edward. “Good to see you again Evelyn, it’s been awhile,” he smiled at me. “Good to see you too Edward,” I replied politely. He let the three of us in and led us to the living room. There were a lot of people there I didn’t know and I suddenly felt uncomfortable. Bella saw me and smiled. She quickly came over to me and hugged me. “You need to visit more often Rae, I missed you!” I chuckled, “Sorry Bells.” Bella took me away from Cat and introduced me to the pale faces in the room. I assumed they were Bella’s in-laws. A spunky and adorable short-haired brunette came up to me and hugged me, “Hi, I’m Alice. It’s so good to finally meet you. Bella’s told me so much about you! Rae, right?” I chuckled and hugged her back lightly, her cold skin sending little shivers down my spine, “It’s nice to meet you, Alice. And my name is Evelyn. Rae is my middle name. Uncle Charlie and Bella have just always called me that, but you can call me whatever you want.” She nodded, pleased. “Oh! And this is my husband, Jasper.” A dirty-blonde haired, pale man stepped forward, wrapping his arm around her. “It’s nice to meet you Evelyn,” he smiled and I nodded. Then, a muscular, brunette came forward and engulfed me in another chilling hug, “I’m Emmett!” He smiled widely, after he let go of me, “And this is my wife Rosalie.” One of the most gorgeous women I’ve ever seen stepped forward. Her long, golden locks framed her face perfectly. She smiled brightly at me, “Nice to meet you, Evelyn.” “Nice to meet you too,” I mumbled. “Carlisle and Esme are in the kitchen, you should really like them. They’ll be out soon!” Alice smiled and I just nodded awkwardly. I didn’t expect there to be so many vampires here. I felt a little uncomfortable, but I kept in mind what Cat told me, they don’t drink human blood.


I saw in the corner of my eye, a petite, long-haired brunette walked into the room and hugged me. “Hi, I’m Esme. So good to meet Bella’s cousin finally.” I smiled. Behind her, a familiar blonde man walked in. “Carlisle?” I asked, shocked. “I-is that you?” He seemed surprised and very happy, “Evelyn! It is so great to see you again!” I ran up to him and embraced him in a big, long hug. When I finally pulled away from him, everyone seemed thoroughly confused, except for Edward of course. He could read Carlisle’s mind after all. I blushed, “Carlisle was very good friends with my birth father. Carlisle helped him resist human blood. That’s how he was able to be with my mom for so long. When my mom was pregnant with me, Carlisle was over a lot to make sure I was healthy. Especially after I was born.” Carlisle was my God-father. He had stopped visiting when I was three years old because my parents had divorced but my dad always kept Carlisle up to date on my life. Everyone seemed surprised by my explanation. “What do you mean, birth father?” Bella questioned. I gulped, she didn’t know Greg wasn’t my real father, and she most definitely did not know I was a hybrid.


Just as I tried to muster up an explanation, the Cullen’s door burst open. The wolves arrived, I could smell them. I felt relieve wipe over me as I got to avoid answering her question, but I knew from glancing over at Bella that she would be asking me again. The pack piled in and awkwardly stayed close to the door. They kept glancing at me. I rubbed my arm and stared down at the ground. Cat squeezed my hand, they don’t hate you Evelyn, they just don’t know you. I took a deep breath and looked at them, trying to pull of my best smile. Cat introduced me to everyone, “Guys, this is my best friend Evelyn Swan. She’s Bella’s cousin. Eve, this is Sam Uley, Paul Lahote, Jared Cameron, Embry Call, Quil Ateara, Brady Fuller, Collin Littlesea, Leah Clearwater, and you’ve already met her brother, Seth! Oh and the one on the end is Jacob Black.” She smiled and pointed to each one as she introduced them. The politely nodded, but you could tell that they were nervous around me. Jacob was definitely the cutest of the wolves. He kept staring at me, which only caused me to be a bit more self-conscious and a light blush made it’s way to my cheeks.

Lunch was alright. A lot of small talk. The pack is actually really cool! The more they were around me, the more comfortable they seemed to be. Embry and I actually were getting along and goofing off. It seemed like I was making some new friends. I felt really bad for the Cullens though. I mean, they don’t eat, they drink blood. They still were quite lively though and had a lot to say. Esme served dessert for us, it was delicious! After I finished, I noticed Esme and Alice started to clean up, so I helped them clean everything up. They were very sweet. “You’ve helped enough, Evelyn! Go, talk with everyone in the living room!” Alice smiled as she basically pushed me out of the kitchen. I walked to the living room and sat down on the floor in between Cat’s legs. Embry smiled and greeted me, so I politely smiled back. “So, Rae. You still didn’t answer my question before the guys came in” Bella looked at me innocently. I frowned at her. She knew what she wanted and boy she sure was determined to get an answer from me. The rest of the room grew silent. Paul spoke up, “What did you ask her?” Everyone was looking at Bella curiously. “Oh, well she met Carlisle and she informed us her dad knew Carlisle well. But her dad is supposedly my Uncle. I just wanted to know how that was possible,” she shrugged. All the attention turned to me. I stared at Cat, afraid. I was afraid to tell them what I was. I didn’t think they’d react very well. Cat looked at me, it’s okay Eve, they won’t hate you! “Well..” Quil started, “how is that possible?” Sam shot a look at Quil disapprovingly. “What?” Jared looked at Sam, “She can share, can’t she?” Sam looked at me with an apologetic look, “Um, that’s okay.. I figured I’d have to share it eventually.” Everyone except Carlisle stared at me, waiting for my explanation. So I shared it all. How my dad, Lucas had been a vampire just a little shorter than Carlisle. How he had fallen in love with my wizard mother and had me, a strange vampire-wizard hybrid. How I was more wizard than vampire and how my father left my mom so she could have a normal life like she had wanted. The Cullens looked at Carlisle in shock, I guess he never mentioned me or my dad before. The pack however seemed very intrigued by everything I told them. Embry and Brady started asking all of these questions about what I could and couldn’t do. I told them how I cannot drink blood, how I don’t have vampire strength and I don’t glow but how I didn’t age and how fast I am. Cat got excited to see how well the pack was reacting that she told them my secret, “And she can control minds! Isn’t that cool!” I mentally slapped myself and Catori. Hard. Why would she tell them that? Jacob spoke up this time, “What does Cat mean by ‘control’ minds…?” So I explained how I implant thoughts and visions, read minds, and shield minds. The boys froze. “I don’t always invade the minds though! But, um, you should probably know that I know you are all shapeshifters…” When I said this, Jacob tensed up and ran out the door, the other members running out after him, including Cat. I didn’t dare look inside their heads. The Cullens just stared at me in amusement. Well.. That went well..






Sorry guys this may not be the best chapter out yet even though it is the longest, but I’m tired and really wanted to update!

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